Pixel Advertising Whats The Point

Pixel Advertising - What's the​ Point?
Summer of​ 2018 was nearing its end in​ England and​ a​ young man by the​ name of​ Alex Tew was about to​ enter college .​
He thought that it​ was insane that he'd go to​ university for​ 4 or​ 5 years and​ then come out owing tens of​ thousands of​ dollars (or pounds as​ it​ were) .​
So, he had this silly little idea .. .​
put up a​ website with one million pixels of​ advertising space for​ $1 a​ pixel, keep all of​ the​ ads up forever (or at​ least five years), and​ use that money to​ pay for​ his schooling .​
If he sold all of​ the​ pixel advertising spots over the​ course of​ the​ next few years - then he would raise a​ million dollars .​
So, he registered milliondollarhomepage.com, got a​ friend or​ two to​ buy a​ couple hundred dollar spots, and​ alerted the​ press .​
Somehow - the​ idea took off like wildfire .​
Media outlet after media outlet began picking up the​ story -- next thing you know, he's got thousands of​ visitors to​ his site every day .. .​
and a​ few websites thought what the​ heck and​ started buying advertising space .. .​
then more visitors, more sales .. .​
and the​ thing just exploded .​
He raked in​ over $400,000 in​ his first 7 weeks of​ starting the​ site .​
Let me say that again -- four hundred thousand dollars in​ electronic funds being transferred via paypal, 2checkout, and​ wire transfers .​
Quickly other spin-off sites started popping up such as​ QuarterMillionDollarHomePage.com, QuarterMillionDollarWebPage.com, MillionPennyHomePage.com, and​ literally hundreds more pixel advertising sites selling space for​ anywhere from a​ dollar a​ pixel down to​ a​ penny a​ pixel and​ even a​ couple for​ free .​
Sites such as​ RentAPatch.com have even started selling turnkey million pixel advertising web sites -- just buy his code for​ $90 and​ you're off and​ running with your own site .​
There are directory sites out there - one of​ the​ most popular of​ these is​ ThePixelWars.com which has most of​ the​ 400+ sites listed and​ allows visitors to​ rank and​ comment on each site .​
And of​ course, there's PixelList.com which actually takes the​ time to​ review many of​ the​ better pixel advertising sites, blog about the​ new industry and​ right nice little articles like the​ one you're reading right now.
Okay okay -- so, what's the​ point
As a​ founder of​ PixelList, my co-founder Merlin Holmes and​ I​ have been thinking about this quite a​ bit lately .. .​
What's the​ point of​ all these pixel advertising sites? I​ mean - they're not pretty .. .​
although, there is​ a​ bit of​ excitement around them .​
They're not targeted .. .​
but there's tons of​ traffic coming to​ them .​
And they're not very expensive to​ advertise on - so, the​ ROI for​ an​ advertiser can be quite good .​
But if​ they don't actually DO ANYTHING - then what's the​ point? Well, here's what we think they might be doing:
Pixel Advertising Sites introduce people to​ websites that they never would have heard of​ before.
For instance, I've run across a​ site that sells an​ mp3 player / headset on mp3player.net which is​ an​ all-in-one device (they call it​ 'cordless' - but really you just slip your memory into the​ headset and​ viola) .. .​
then there's oldboatpics.com with the​ pictures of​ old boats -- I​ mean, what the​ heck is​ the​ point of​ that, right? Well, it​ had me lookin' at​ pictures for​ a​ full five or​ six minutes .​
Then there was Pzizz.com -- a​ website that claims to​ be the​ ultimate powernap solution .​
We even found a​ site that sells absinthe - the​ age-old alcohol that some of​ the​ Masters such as​ Van Gogh, Oscar Wilde, and​ Toulouse-Lautrec have been known to​ embibe.
Seemingly a​ bunch of​ random stuff, right?
Well, lets think about this for​ a​ second .. .​
the pixel advertising sites are attracting early adopters, right? (People that are into being the​ first kid on the​ block to​ know about something.) So, it​ stands to​ reason that some of​ these same early adopters (dare I​ say that they are the​ target market here?) .. .​
some of​ the​ early adopters might stumble across the​ next big thing -- oh oh - that reminds me -- there was a​ site -- I​ dont' remember the​ name -- I​ remember clicking on Even Monkeys Fall from Trees - it​ was a​ DVD set being sold called BookofCool.com or​ something like that - and​ it​ taught you all sorts of​ cool things like how to​ do basketball tricks, skateboard tricks, billiards, etc etc etc .. .​
shows you all the​ cool tricks, teaches you how to​ do them . .​
pick what you want to​ learn about or​ just watch the​ tricks -- whatever you want .​
. .​
oh yes, there is​ it​ -- right under the​ Absinthe micro-ad.
Anyway - whew -- I​ digressed .​
The point here is​ -- one segment of​ what's working with the​ pixel advertising sites is​ that it's accidentally targeted to​ early adopters across a​ multitude of​ subcultures - and​ therefore the​ requirement as​ an​ early adopter is​ to​ find cool new stuff .​
The sites with cool new stuff will find an​ audience within their respective subcultures .. .​
early adopters and​ sneezers (as Seth Godin of​ sethgodin.com likes to​ call them) will pass the​ word to​ others about pzizz or​ book of​ cool on to​ the​ next wave of​ people and​ perhaps the​ little idea virus will spread.
And that, my dear readers is​ the​ point .​
Hmmm .. .​
maybe PixelList.com should start a​ review site for​ the​ sites we discover through the​ pixel advertising sites instead of​ just the​ pixel advertising sites themselves ...
-- Harris Fellman has been involved in​ Internet Marketing since the​ very beginnings of​ the​ web (and perhaps a​ little before that) .​
Harris is​ the​ co-founder of​ PixelList.com, BuzzIM.com, and​ conducts a​ weekly internet marketing call for​ entrepreneurs.

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