Pittsburgh Schools Offer Affordable College Education

Pittsburgh Schools Offer Affordable College Education

Pressure, pressure, pressure. Students in​ all grades can be under an​ enormous amount of​ pressure to​ succeed while in​ school. Kindergartners must learn to​ read, add, and subtract before they finish their first year of​ school. in​ some places, students must pass certain state tests in​ order to​ be promoted to​ the next grade level. More and more emphasis is​ being placed on the importance of​ a​ rigorous academic program for middle- and high-school students, with the end result of​ attending a​ college or​ university. is​ all this necessary? Well, legislators, the president, and local district officials believe so. Many parents also agree that kids need to​ graduate from high school ready to​ go on to​ college. Leaders of​ Pittsburgh Public Schools and of​ Pittsburgh itself plan to​ institute a​ new plan to​ motivate even more students to​ seek out a​ college education.

The Pittsburgh Schools have issued what it​ calls "The Pittsburgh Promise," pledging that starting in​ 2018, all graduates who meet certain Pittsburgh Schools standards will have the means of​ getting post-secondary education. Wow! What a​ great idea! There are most likely some Pittsburgh Schools students who don’t even dream of​ going to​ college, simply because their families can’t afford it. Imagine, if​ you will, a​ Pittsburgh Schools family of​ blue-collar workers who have not had any of​ its members attend college. it​ is​ their dream for their children to​ go to​ college and have a​ better life; if​ this new program is​ indeed successful, this dream will most likely become a​ reality!

The Pittsburgh Schools district and the city hope to​ raise $5 million to​ $7 million a​ year to​ make college or​ other post-secondary education affordable. to​ access the money, Pittsburgh Schools students will have to​ attend one of​ the Pittsburgh Schools, do their work, stay out of​ trouble, and graduate. It’s truly admirable to​ see that the city leaders, community leaders and the Pittsburgh Schools leaders recognize the difficulties that lay in​ the path of​ some of​ these students to​ actually attend college.

More and more, even some “blue-collar” jobs are requiring a​ minimum of​ a​ 2-year degree. Firefighters, carpenters, even cosmetologists can attend a​ community college where they receive the training their prospective employers are looking for. The students of​ Pittsburgh Schools who are on the vocational path will now have the opportunity to​ go to​ college, no matter what their family’s financial situation might be. What a​ wonderful graduation gift Pittsburgh Schools students could receive upon leaving high school! Since society and the government are forever clamoring about how far behind our students are as​ compared to​ other students around the world, kudos to​ Pittsburgh Schools and the city of​ Pittsburgh for doing their part to​ get more kids in​ college.

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