Pit Bull Terrier Puppy Training Potty Train Your Dog

Pit Bull Terrier Puppy Training Potty Train Your Dog

Potty training your new American Pit Bull Terrier puppy is​ a​ necessary evil. Your dog needs to​ learn at​ an​ early age where to​ properly relieve himself. you​ can begin working with your pup at​ 8 weeks of​ age.

Puppy potty training can sometimes prove to​ be a​ frustrating task. you​ must do the​ same routine every single day and it​ is​ important to​ give your puppy a​ lot of​ extra attention as​ this will make the​ house breaking process much easier. the​ house training process will take longer if​ you​ are gone during the​ day at​ a​ job because your dog won't be able to​ hold it​ for extended periods of​ time when he is​ just starting out.

To begin potty training your Pit Bull,​ give him an​ area that is​ all his own. a​ tiled laundry room works very well if​ you​ have one in​ your residence. Cover the​ area with newspaper and make sure that you​ give him access to​ his bed,​ toys,​ and food bowl. When leaving to​ go out,​ make sure that your Pit pup is​ in​ his "area" and cannot leave. you​ can buy a​ baby gate which will keep him confined,​ without feeling shut in.

After you​ have gone,​ he will need to​ go potty at​ some point and will relieve himself. as​ time goes on,​ he will begin to​ go in​ the​ same spot and when this starts to​ happen,​ simply begin to​ remove the​ newspaper in​ the​ rest of​ the​ room which is​ not being used. Continue doing this until the​ only patch of​ newspaper in​ the​ room is​ the​ area he has chosen to​ do his business.

When at​ home,​ spend as​ much time with your Pit Bull puppy as​ possible. the​ potty training process will be much,​ much easier if​ take your dog outside every 45 minutes or​ so,​ then praise him excitedly when he relieves himself in​ the​ yard. you​ can also give him a​ small treat when he goes to​ the​ bathroom outside to​ further encourage his good behavior.

It is​ a​ bad idea and completely ineffective to​ scold your puppy for having an​ accident in​ the​ house. Positive reinforcement and a​ lot of​ extra time and attention is​ the​ best way to​ handle this task and remember that no dog is​ completely potty trained until they have reached the​ age of​ 6-8 months. Patience is​ a​ must!

Pit Bull Terrier Puppy Training Potty Train Your Dog

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