Pit Bull Terrier Dog Training Lessons From An Expert

Pit Bull Terrier Dog Training Lessons From An Expert

The number one,​ most basic dog training command is​ sit and come. Teaching your American Pit Bull Terrier these two commands is​ extremely important for him to​ learn. Both of​ these basic obedience training commands are used for many different reasons such as​ in​ competition or​ dog show and keeping him behaved when you​ have company. When walking your Pit Bull off leash,​ you​ expect him to​ come to​ you​ when called,​ not run around the​ park with you​ chasing after him shouting at​ him to​ “come back here!”. When I see this (and I do all the​ time),​ it​ just makes me laugh.

Teaching your Pit Bull Terrier how to​ come isn't difficult,​ it​ simply requires repetition. All dogs learn by repeating the​ desired activity over and over again. the​ easiest way to​ get your Pitbull to​ come is​ to​ hold a​ toy in​ one hand and a​ treat in​ the​ other. When you​ are in​ the​ yard simply walk away from him,​ holding out the​ toy and excitingly calling him to​ you. When your well-behaved Pit Bull comes to​ you,​ give him the​ treat! Make sure to​ be consistent and always use the​ exact same training commands that you​ are going to​ use in​ the​ future. Repeating this several times a​ day is​ an​ excellent way to​ teach him,​ but remember to​ use lots of​ long breaks between training sessions so he doesn’t get bored and don’t forget to​ reward him with those doggie treats.

Getting your Pit to​ sit could prove to​ be slightly harder but again,​ is​ still only basic dog training that anyone can do. Once you​ have mastered the​ come command,​ call your Pit over to​ you,​ place your hand on​ the​ end of​ his back and roll right over his rump and into the​ back of​ his legs,​ giving the​ "sit" command while gently pushing his legs forward. When he sits properly,​ give your Pitbull a​ treat and lots of​ praise. if​ you​ would like him to​ sit for a​ longer period of​ time,​ simply delay the​ treat and praise,​ tell him to​ "stay",​ and take your time bending down to​ him to​ deliver the​ treat.

Basic dog training for your Pit is​ very simple and effective. Please remember to​ keep the​ exercise fun for both you​ and your dog and keep in​ mind that a​ training session shouldn't last for hours and hours,​ keep them short. Lastly,​ don’t forget to​ reward your obedient Pit for all of​ his hard work!

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