Pit Bull Puppy Problems Dog Training Tips

Pit Bull Puppy Problems Dog Training Tips

There are a​ few different problems that are seen commonly in​ puppies who are six months of​ age or​ younger. These problems include submissive urination,​ urination when getting overly excited,​ and problems with nipping and chewing. if​ your Pit Bull terrier pup is​ having problems in​ any of​ these areas,​ don’t worry. I’m about to​ reveal exactly how to​ correct it.

If your Pit Bull puppy tends to​ squat and urinate when you​ approach him,​ this is​ a​ problem with submissive urination. This behavior shouldn’t be confused with a​ potty training problem,​ it​ is​ associated with insecurity if​ you​ punish your puppy or​ use negative reinforcements it​ will more than likely worsen the​ behavior. Submissive urination occurs when a​ dog is​ scared and feels intimidated when being approached by an​ individual.

To solve the​ problem of​ submissive urination,​ calmly approach your puppy. Try not to​ tower over him,​ crouch down so that you’re not as​ intimidating. if​ your puppy begins to​ urinate,​ try offering him a​ treat next time. the​ way to​ correct submissive urination is​ to​ get his focus away from whatever is​ causing his reaction.

If your puppy has difficulty controlling his bladder when getting excited,​ it​ is​ known as​ excitement urination. Again,​ never punish your puppy in​ this situation as​ it​ will only cause problems to​ get worse.

The fix for this problem is​ easy. Ignore it. Excitement urination usually disappears as​ a​ puppy matures and his bladder control strengthens.

Puppy chewing can be extremely annoying,​ especially if​ your Pit Bull is​ destroying things of​ high value to​ you​ (I’ve lost my fair share of​ eyeglasses for example). Puppies use chewing and biting as​ a​ way to​ ease teething pain. to​ solve this problem,​ give your puppy lots of​ toys to​ chew on​ instead. Kong toys are popular,​ as​ are stuffed squeakers.

If you’re having problems in​ these areas with your new Pit Bull puppy,​ have patience and take the​ time to​ work with your new buddy. He’ll get through these tough times with a​ little love and understanding.

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