Pioneering New Treatment For Non Healing Wounds

Pioneering New Treatment For Non Healing Wounds

A pioneering new medical treatment is​ available that harnesses the​ power of​ minute electric currents to​ deliver a​ breakthrough treatment for​ thousands of​ sufferers of​ non-healing wounds including leg, foot and​ pressure ulcers.

Non-healing wounds are extremely commonplace and​ it​ is​ estimated that over half a​ million people in​ the​ UK suffer from leg, foot and​ pressure ulcers which are categorised as​ non-healing. as​ well as​ being extremely painful, non-healing wounds can lead to​ further medical complications and​ in​ severe cases, can ultimately result in​ limb amputation.

The new treatment, which has been in​ development for​ seven years, involves the​ use of​ a​ medical wound dressing that produces small bio-electric currents around the​ site of​ a​ wound which mimics naturally occurring bio-electric currents. These currents have a​ vital role in​ wound healing and, if​ the​ right amount of​ electrical influence is​ delivered to​ the​ wound, it​ is​ possible to​ "kick start" the​ normal healing process. the​ product has undergone extensive testing and​ development and​ is​ sold under the​ POSiFECT® brand name.

For over thirty years scientists have been aware that cells, the​ basic building blocks of​ all living things, communicate with each other and​ are regulated by minute electric currents known as​ "bio-currents". it​ has been found that in​ some long-standing, non-healing wounds these normal electric currents are either absent or​ very weak. the​ new medical dressing features a​ micro-current delivery system which continuously and​ automatically adjusts the​ micro-current to​ levels clinically shown to​ initiate the​ wound healing process.

Managing non-healing leg ulcers and​ pressure ulcers alone costs the​ National Health Service in​ excess of​ £2 billion every year, and​ non-healing wounds cause pain and​ suffering for​ thousands of​ people. This represents about 4% of​ the​ entire NHS annual budget.

The new treatment will see patients use POSiFECT® in​ a​ seven week treatment regime, where they use the​ dressing for​ three weeks, changing the​ dressing every two to​ three days, before having a​ week not using the​ dressing. the​ process is​ then repeated for​ another three weeks. the​ treatment is​ painless and​ easy to​ use.

One woman who has already benefited from Posifect is​ 72 year old Marlene Jones from Basingstoke, Hampshire. She had a​ venous ulcer for​ ten months which despite extensive hospital treatment had persistently failed to​ heal. the​ ulcer was also causing her severe pain, which resulted in​ her having to​ take powerful painkillers on a​ daily basis.

She agreed to​ participate in​ an​ assessment of​ the​ POSiFECT® product and​ since receiving the​ treatment she has seen her ulcer halve in​ size in​ just a​ few weeks and​ the​ pain has reduced so much, she no longer has to​ take painkillers.

According to​ Marlene, "Every week I have the​ treatment I can see the​ ulcer reducing and​ it​ is​ now a​ fraction of​ its original size. the​ POSiFECT® dressing has also reduced my pain levels to​ such a​ point that I no longer need to​ take painkillers. I'm amazed by this treatment and​ I hope that more people who suffer from wounds such as​ mine will be able to​ benefit from it."

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