Pioneer Pdp Review

Pioneer's PDP-4280HD review
Pioneer's PDP-4280HD looks like a​ very nice product when it​ comes to​ high quality HDTVs .​
It came out fourth during the tests on image quality .​
Although this is​ just a​ 720p model, it​ proved to​ be one of​ the best in​ its category by showing a​ great image with amazing details .​
Unfortunately, the price for this product is​ about $2700 dollars so it​ might turn out to​ be too pricey for a​ HDTV that hasn’t got 1080p resolution .​
The features that come with this product are amazing: it​ has USB port that you can use to​ see photos or​ listen to​ your favorite Mp3 music, four HDMI ports, Cable Card slot which help your TV receive broadcasts that are scrambled without using a​ set-top box .​
Also, you can use your headphone if​ you like because it​ comes with a​ headphone jack, especially if​ you don’t want to​ scare your neighbors at​ night with your horror movies .​
The picture-in-picture video option might prove to​ be a​ bit hard to​ use if​ you don’t read the manual first .​
Unfortunately, the PDP-4280HD doesn’t allow watching two programs at​ once but you can watch, for example, a​ movie on a​ DVD and a​ TV show .​
Another wonderful aspect when talking about this device is​ the fact that it​ supports HDMI CEC; this option lets you control each of​ the components that are connected through the HDMI .​
Actually CEC means Costumer Electronics Control and can be easily accessed with your remote .​
Also, this amazing HDTV also has an​ option for TV Guide, so you can be sure that you don’t miss your next favorite show .​
The TV guide has an​ on-screen option that will help you find whatever you wish to​ see .​
This guide has many options that you can use to​ plan and record your favorite television shows and movies .​
Other useful options include the Power Save which is​ very important if​ you care about your carbon footprint; this option will turn off your TV after 15 minutes without signal have passed.
When it​ comes to​ sound, Pioneer has it​ all: connections for an​ amplifier and external speakers .​
So if​ you really want to​ scare those neighbors, you can upgrade your audio system and make some noise without using an​ external receiver .​
Although you won’t obtain great sound quality because the terminals are only for speakers and a​ subwoofer, the noise you make can be pretty satisfactory .​
The whole design complicates the setup because the coaxial and HDMI are facing down making things really hard to​ install .​
Also, you will find them at​ the back of​ the model, so you might need more time with the physical setup .​
When setting up things in​ the menu, you might find that they are a​ bit too complicated and it​ tends to​ keep your progress slow .​
The text is​ tiny and the instructions will definitely make you ask for a​ second opinion because they are very confusing .​
It also comes with a​ manual, but it​ will rather make you tired than teach you anything because they made it​ too complicated .​
If you wish, you might like to​ get a​ copy of​ the online manual .​
At least there you can use the search option in​ the PDF .​
Keep in​ mind that you need to​ register on the site if​ you want to​ take a​ peak in​ that online manual.
Now on to​ the remotes: the Pioneer remote is​ one of​ the most comfortable you can get your hands on .​
It can be programmed and has large buttons that glow in​ the dark .​
With its great design, older buyers and those with problem eye sights can easily use this remote with a​ minimum of​ trouble.
The Pioneer PDP is​ a​ good option for people who can afford a​ $2700 HDTV with only 720p .​
Although, at​ first, it​ may seem a​ bit average, this HDTV is​ top quality, at​ least when it​ comes to​ the image .​

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