Pioneer Kuro Pdp Review

Pioneer Kuro PDP-5010FD Plasma HDTV Review
The Pioneer Kuro Plasma HDTV is​ quite expensive but it​ has amazing details and colors; this product also comes with incorporated speakers and various types of​ connectors .​
Although this HDTV has a​ big price (around $4500), it​ managed to​ amaze people when it​ showed awesome blacks and outstanding images during the tests .​
With its new improved colors, numerous facilities, and great sound quality it​ will give you a​ whole different feeling when it​ comes to​ entertaining .​
Watching TV seemed like a​ common hobby, but with this new HDTV you will feel like you take part in​ everything .​
Famous movies, like Lord of​ the Rings or​ Mission Impossible, seem to​ be real when watched at​ their best quality on the Kuro PDP-5010 .​
I​ must mention that the night scenes look amazing, especially when watching Lord of​ the Rings; Pioneer Kuro PDP-5010 almost brings the Lord of​ Rings fantasy world in​ your own home .​
This Pioneer Kuro HDTV also transmits the most authentic skin color we ever saw, making everything more real than we expected it​ to​ be .​
Of course, brightness and contrast are top quality contributing to​ its amazing feeling of​ reality.
The company Crystal Emissive Layer struggled to​ produce the most accurate and deep black ever made .​
They succeeded .​
With their new digital processing and color filtering they managed to​ improve the whole quality when it​ comes to​ HDTVs .​
Talking about black color, I​ should also mention that kuro actually means black in​ Japanese, so no wonder their black is​ exceptional .​
As I​ mentioned earlier, this amazing TV comes with speakers .​
The speakers, which offer the best audio quality, can be detached .​
The audio system is​ composed of​ speakers with woofer and tweeter components .​
So, when you are watching a​ musical, you will feel like being in​ the middle of​ the whole story .​
You will forget all about TVs with poor audio quality .​
The Pioneer Kuro HDTV has a​ simple design, which inspires elegance and originality .​
You cannot fail with this design, as​ it​ suits any home décor and tastes .​
You can easily place it​ in​ a​ den or​ family room or​ display it​ in​ your bedroom with ease and it​ won’t stand out.
Another important aspect is​ the light sensor; this light sensor will actually sharpen your brightness according to​ the light you have in​ your room, due to​ the new technology called Optimum Video Mode .​
With this option, you can avoid the problems of​ having to​ adjust the colors on your screen whenever the lighting situation changes around you, such as​ the sunrise and sunset.
The remote has a​ great silver color and combines on- screen display menu and submenu access .​
It also has shortcuts to​ the main functions and you don’t have to​ find a​ source of​ light to​ see your buttons, because they glow in​ the dark .​
This product has other types of​ connectors like the HDMI inputs, three composite ports, USB ports (if you want to​ see images on this wonderful HDTV, simply attach your card reader), and two component ports .​
After you attach any card reader, you need to​ select the Home Gallery option and you can see an​ amazing slideshow of​ your desired pictures .​
Your pictures were never that beautiful, and their quality is​ the best .​
If you want to​ hide the cable source, you just have to​ use the Cable Card slot an​ you won’t even notice it​ was there .​
This whole set of​ connectors and facilities will amaze you; however, a​ disadvantage is​ the fact that it​ doesn’t come with cable management aid .​
The Kuro PDP-5010FD is​ a​ wonderful product if​ you want to​ bring your favorite movies to​ life .​
Although the price is​ rather high, the revolutionary technology offers a​ unique feeling, extraordinary colors, and wonderful sounds .​
People who can afford paying $4500 on this amazing HDTV will be very satisfied and won’t regret their investment .​
They will change their whole opinion about home entertainment.

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