Picking Keywords For SEO A Different View

Picking Keywords For SEO A Different View

The first step to​ developing any search engine optimization effort is​ picking keywords. the​ general consensus is​ pick keywords with solid amounts of​ traffic and a​ minimum of​ competition. at​ the​ risk of​ being laughed off the​ Internet,​ here’s a​ different view.

Going Big…Going VERY Big

Should you​ do research to​ identify keywords receiving lots of​ traffic? Absolutely. of​ this group,​ should you​ identify the​ keywords with the​ lowest amount of​ competition? Again,​ yes. After all,​ who would be foolish enough to​ try to​ attack keywords with a​ few million competing sites? Well,​ me for one.

People that go for a​ keyword phrase like “for sale by owner” [2 million plus searches a​ month and KEI of​ 0.000000000…] are often dismissed as​ amateurs with unrealistic expectations. For those of​ us that have been in​ the​ business for some time,​ this bias deserves some reconsideration. the​ motivation is​ greed…pure and simple greed.

SEO greed is​ arises when one achieves top listings in​ Google,​ Yahoo and MSN for a​ site. Using the​ example above,​ assume the​ client is​ a​ car-listing site and you’ve conquered all the​ listings for “car for sale by owner.” Yes,​ it​ took 15 months,​ but the​ client is​ happy and so are you. or​ are you?

After a​ few weeks,​ you​ start thinking,​ “Damn,​ I should have gone for the​ phrase ‘for sale by owner’ and the​ extra 700,​000 searches a​ month.” you​ start getting visions of​ changing the​ site,​ but the​ anchor text in​ links and so on​ is​ already set. in​ the​ end,​ you​ feel dissatisfied because you​ want more,​ damn it!

A Different Approach

Okay,​ I am not advocating you​ throw competition analysis out the​ window. you​ should absolutely find keywords that have solid traffic and low competition. if​ nothing else,​ you​ need short-term carrots to​ keep you​ motivated. That being said,​ you​ must also plan for the​ inherent evil greed in​ your twisted little SEO soul. Don’t even try to​ deny it.

Here it​ comes…

I am advocating you​ go for keywords with monstrous amounts of​ traffic,​ competition analysis be damned! Yes,​ I know. What a​ fool.

Throwing caution to​ the​ wind,​ I am even going to​ argue that…[drum roll]…you consider one-word keywords! I know… Blasphemy!…Insanity!…Stupid Moron…etc. But think about it. When you’ve accomplished your goals with low competition keywords,​ why not have a​ go at​ the​ biggies? What if​ you​ get them…even a​ few?

Putting it​ all together,​ my theory is​ this. Identify the​ low competition keywords,​ optimize your site and so on. Just make sure you​ also throw some “wishful thinking” keywords. if​ the​ optimized site survives for three or​ four years,​ you​ might just be thankful you​ did.

I’m off to​ optimize for the​ keyword “travel.” Lets see,​ Expedia is​ listed number 1 with a​ page rank of​ 8 and 67 thousand back links on​ Google.

Ha! Expedia I mock thee!

Picking Keywords For SEO A Different View

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