Philippines Casinos

Philippines Casinos

The casino sector in​ the​ Philippines is​ one of​ the​ fastest-growing parts of​ the​ Filipino economy. Philippines casinos are popular with locals,​ but it​ is​ tourists who increasingly form the​ mainstay of​ most casinos' clientele. Traditionally,​ most casinos in​ the​ Philippines have been licensed through a​ state-run company called PAGCOR,​ but recent liberalization of​ the​ rules has allowed private firms to​ open up casino ventures of​ their own,​ encouraged by the​ growing popularity of​ gambling in​ the​ country.

The largest concentration of​ Philippines casinos can be found,​ unsurprisingly,​ in​ the​ capital of​ the​ Philippines,​ Manila. Manila casinos are the​ biggest and most popular in​ the​ country,​ attracting thousands of​ visitors every year,​ many of​ them travelers from abroad. the​ capital is​ very popular with tourists from neighboring East Asian countries,​ but also further afield,​ including the​ USA and Europe. Consequently,​ casinos are a​ natural magnet for visitors wanting to​ relax in​ what can sometimes be a​ very crowded and busy city,​ with a​ varied and thriving nightlife scene. Manila casinos are famous for their relaxed ambience,​ and socializing is​ viewed as​ being almost as​ important as​ gambling. the​ pace of​ the​ games is​ often quite slow,​ which acts as​ a​ welcome antidote to​ the​ frenzied pace of​ city life.

One of​ the​ most popular Philippines casinos was the​ PAGCOR-owned Subic Bay Legend,​ situated at​ Subic Bay north of​ Manila,​ on​ the​ site of​ a​ former US Naval base,​ but the​ casino was closed in​ May 2006. However,​ there is​ another casino in​ the​ Subic Bay development called the​ Diamond,​ with tentative plans to​ create further casinos in​ the​ area. Casino development is​ further encouraged by the​ positive business conditions in​ the​ Philippines,​ a​ cheaper place to​ do business than alternative countries such as​ Macao and Japan,​ and the​ more relaxed rules on​ casino ownership in​ areas like Subic Bay,​ which have "Special Economic Zone" status to​ encourage investment.

In addition to​ these developments,​ there are several casinos further afield in​ the​ Philippines,​ including the​ islands of​ Cebu and Davao. the​ PanAsia Poker Tour has also hosted its first event in​ a​ Philippines casino,​ the​ Philippines Open,​ which is​ open to​ poker players from around the​ world and is​ held at​ the​ Airport Casino Filipino. Philippines casinos are a​ growing part of​ the​ Filipino tourist scene,​ and they provide an​ increasingly attractive alternative to​ casinos in​ other East Asian countries.

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