Pharmaceutical Guide

Pharmaceutical Guide

If asked to​ name one thing that affects our life in​ most phases one would hardly say pharmaceuticals. But wait this is​ a​ fact that most of​ us since our birth depend on pharmaceuticals in​ one-way or​ other. Definitely by age our dependence on pharmacy products increases but even teenagers and young ones consume a​ big percentage of​ pharmaceutical derivatives.

Pharmaceuticals play a​ vital role in​ our day-to-day living. And hence their rising costs are destined to​ be our major concern. The ever growing prices of​ pharmaceutical products severely pinches one’s pocket, cause this is​ one area where there is​ no choice of​ take or​ leave. if​ a​ person is​ suffering from certain disease and the doctor prescribes him any medicines he must purchase it​ whether it​ suits his pocket or​ not. One is​ left with no choice but to​ pay the chemist. Hence there is​ a​ great need to​ regulate the prices of​ drugs, at​ least to​ watch that its price is​ not much above the cost incurred plus a​ marginal profit for the manufacturing company. as​ of​ now many market leaders are found to​ price their monopoly drugs at​ a​ very high rate. Even medicines or​ regular use are very costly. Drugs sold by prescription being much more expensive than those sold over the counter by the chemist. Hence, a​ person is​ often tempted to​ go for over the counter choice.

Big pharmaceutical players in​ the market also pay much attention to​ research and development of​ new medications possible. a​ big amount of​ money is​ invested in​ the R & D branch of​ the industry. Based on the market requirements and demands companies try hard to​ invent a​ suitable drug to​ cure any ailment. Millions are spend in​ this type of​ research. And once any company hopes to​ have created any new medicine it​ has to​ pass through many different stages to​ get the approval of​ the drug controlling authority, FDA. FDA governs the stages of​ research, development and manufacture that have been undergone for any new drug before being exposed to​ consumers. Only after it​ has approved and given its quality assurance any drug shall be sold to​ public.

Even before any drug is​ presented to​ FDA it​ undergoes intensive testing which is​ carried on animals and even humans. These tests confirm about the effectiveness of​ the medicine and makes sure that the invented drug does not have any serious side effects. Animals that are used to​ carry these tests often raise a​ controversy among the environmentalists. They strongly object about animals being tortured for the benefit of​ mankind. While the companies defend by saying that it​ is​ important to​ save mankind and those animals can easily reproduce. Whatever be the case this controversy goes on forever without a​ suitable solution. All this research work is​ necessary so that the ultimate consumer gets nothing but the best.

With the high growth rate in​ the pharmaceutical industry all the companies employed in​ this sector are facing though competition. There is​ a​ constant endeavor to​ attract the consumers by direct marketing and efficient advertising plans targeted towards customers. We all need to​ be aware of​ what types of​ drugs are available in​ the market and take our judgment meticulously and not get carried away by advertisements.

Pharmaceutical Guide

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