Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamins Vs Regular Vitamins

Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamins vs. Regular Vitamins
Vitamins are necessary for human life and health. They are required in​ minute amounts,​ and with the​ exception of​ Vitamin B12,​ cannot be manufactured in​ your bodies. These organic compounds need to​ be obtained from diet,​ and if​ deprived of​ a​ particular vitamin,​ you will suffer from disease specific to​ that vitamin. it​ is​ a​ matter of​ record that you are not getting enough vitamins. Though we​ Americans are living longer,​ our quality of​ life leaves much to​ be desired.
The thirteen different vitamins are classified into two main categories
· Water Soluble Vitamins They dissolve easily in​ water. They are Vitamin C and the​ eight types of​ Vitamins B,​ B1,​ B2,​ B3,​ B5,​ B6,​ B7,​ B9,​ and B12.
· Fat Soluble Vitamins With the​ help of​ lipids,​ they are absorbed through the​ intestinal tract. These vitamins are Vitamins A. D,​ E,​ and K.
The term Vitamin does not mean to​ include essential nutrients,​ such as,​ dietary minerals,​ essential fatty acids,​ or​ essential amino acids; neither does it​ mean to​ include other nutrients that just promote health,​ and may not be essential.
The Different Grades of​ Vitamins
Vitamin supplements are taken by more than 75% of​ the​ worlds population. With the​ plethora of​ different brands,​ it​ becomes difficult to​ know what is​ what. Vitamins and other nutritional supplements are made from three different grades of​ raw materials
· Pharmaceutical Grade it​ meets pharmaceutical standards
· Food Grade it​ meets standards for human consumption
· Feed Grade it​ meets standards for animal consumption
The main difference is​ of​ quality and purity. Due to​ the​ addition of​ various other substances,​ no product is​ 100% pure. Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamins must be in​ excess of​ 99% purity containing no binders,​ fillers,​ excipients substances used as​ diluents for a​ ​Drug​ dyes,​ or​ unknown substances. Regular Vitamins of​ the​ other two grades are available as​ Over the​ Counter OTC products,​ whereas pharmaceutical grade vitamins are only available through prescriptions.
Pharmaceutical grade vitamins are formulated to​ yield a​ higher degree of​ bioavailability the​ degree at​ which the​ vitamin is​ absorbed into a​ living system. as​ these vitamins can be absorbed into your body quickly,​ they improve and enhance the​ quality of​ your life rapidly.
Of late,​ the​ American vitamin industry has gained a​ lot of​ bad reputation,​ and many feel it​ is​ rightly deserved. People walk into stores and pharmacies to​ buy regular vitamins. in​ some of​ the​ cases,​ the​ ingredients specified on​ the​ label are not in​ conformity with what they find inside the​ bottle. a​ variety of​ ingredients do not absorb into the​ body.
More and more people are opting for pharmaceutical grade vitamins,​ as​ they are available through prescriptions from doctors and licensed medical practitioners. Pharmaceutical grade vitamins,​ visàvis regular vitamins,​ have been tested for their quality and ability to​ give results. They are tested by third parties to​ confirm that the​ bottles contain what they profess to​ contain.

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