Pet Insurance

I don’t have to​ tell you​ that the​ cost of​ health care is​ skyrocketing. if​ you​ have been to​ the​ vet lately,​ you​ know that health care for pets is​ also getting more and more expensive.

Various and better treatment options are also available these days,​ and our pets are living longer because of​ them.

Pet health insurance has been available for a​ number of​ years,​ but is​ just now beginning to​ be more common. Pet insurance is​ more like major medical policies than the​ comprehensive policies most of​ us have. the​ pet health policies don’t cover routine office visits (although riders may be available from some companies) or​ immunizations.
You are free to​ use any veterinarian that you​ choose,​ and to​ opt for whatever tests or​ treatment you​ desire.

There are no co-pays. you​ pay the​ full amount then submit a​ claim for reimbursement.
Reimbursements are based on​ occurrence,​ rather than the​ treatment. Insurance companies selling health insurance for people usually set acceptable fees for procedures,​ and determine which procedures they will cover.

Most pet insurance policies will cover any procedure or​ test for illnesses and injuries that they cover. They will pay up to​ a​ certain amount for each occurrence of​ that injury or​ illness,​ up to​ the​ policy limit.

Certain illnesses may be excluded,​ as​ are any pre-existing conditions. the​ excluded illnesses and conditions may be breed specific and vary by company and policy.

Some policies have additional coverage for items such as​ accidental death of​ the​ pet,​ lost pet recovery,​ spay-neuter procedures and other extras. Some plans will charge the​ same premium as​ your pet ages (based on​ its age when you​ sign up),​ and others will increase as​ the​ pet gets older. Most companies have an​ age limit for beginning coverage.

There are two major carriers,​ offering a​ variety of​ policies. They are PetCare Pet Insurance (,​ 888-899-4875) and Pethealth Inc.,​ owned by Petco. Pethealth offers insurance under a​ number of​ different names,​ including ShelterCare and PetCare (

Premium costs range from $10 to​ $22 a​ month for cats,​ and from $11 to​ $75 a​ month for dogs,​ depending on​ age,​ breed and coverage chosen.

The American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that the​ average dog owner will spend just under $500 per year on​ vet bills. it​ is​ hard to​ know whether you​ will save money or​ not by purchasing insurance. Certainly in​ the​ case of​ catastrophic illness or​ injury the​ insurance could be of​ great benefit. Like all insurance policies,​ you​ purchase it​ in​ the​ hopes that you​ never need to​ use it,​ but you​ pay a​ lot of​ money “just in​ case”.

When deciding if​ pet insurance is​ right for you,​ consider the​ pet’s lifestyle. if​ it​ is​ mostly an​ indoor pet,​ the​ chances of​ it​ becoming ill or​ injured will be less than if​ it​ lives outside a​ great deal of​ the​ time.

One great benefit of​ having the​ insurance is​ that it​ will allow you​ to​ do more for your pet if​ it​ does become ill. the​ peace of​ mind you​ may get from having pet insurance may be worth the​ cost.

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