Pet Insurance Have You Got It

Pet Insurance Have You Got It

Pet Insurance

Anyone who has a​ family pet will understand when i say "our cat and dog are
an extension to​ our family,​ much loved and well pampered!" and that's why we have pet insurance.

What is​ pet insurance?

Pet Insurance will cover the​ unexpected costs,​ incurred for treatment to​ your
pets outside of​ their normal well being. if​ your pet meets with an​ accident and you​ don't have pet insurance,​ things can get very costly. Very simply,​ a​ cat requiring treatment after being hit by a​ car could possibly cost over £2000 to​ nurse back to​ health. an​ x-ray and MRI scan could cost a​ £1000 alone! Pet insurance is​ invaluable.

What does pet insurance pay for?

Routine visits to​ the​ vets for things like injections,​ wormers and flea
treatments are not covered by pet insurance nor are things like neutering.
Anything considered to​ be routine is​ excluded from pet insurance. However,​
should your dog break its leg whilst running down the​ hill to​ fetch the​ stick -
you would be covered - basically,​ accidents are covered routine and preventative treatment costs are not.
A typical pet insurance policy will cover:

Treatment for your pet if​ it​ suffers illness,​ injury or​ disease
The purchase price if​ your pet dies due to​ accidental injury
An element of​ third party liability cover,​ usually applicable to​ dogs only,​ for injury to​ third parties or​ damage to​ their property.

Why do pets need insurance?

Each year 1 in​ 3 cats and dogs fall ill or​ are injured - that’s more than 4.5
million cats and dogs. There is​ no animal NHS and the​ average emergency visit to​ the​ vet will set you​ back around £300.So if​ your pet was to​ have an​ accident or​ need emergency medical treatment it​ could end up costing you​ hundreds,​ if​ not thousands,​ of​ pounds. Take a​ look below at​ some of​ the​ most common reasons for going to​ see a​ vet: Some of​ the​ main reasons for making an​ unexpected trip to​ the​ vet include:
1. Cuts/lacerations

2. Lameness

3. Road traffic accident

4. a​ growth

5. Abscess

6. Bites

7. Foreign body (swallowed)

8. Pyrexia/anorexia of​ unknown origin

9. Gastro-enteritis

10. Ear infection

Pet insurance would cover all of​ these common conditions. And it​ doesn’t have to​ be expensive either. Pet cover is​ becoming increasingly essential as​ the​ cost of​ vets' bills continues to​ rise. Technological advancements in​ veterinary medicine have meant that vets are able to​ provide more comprehensive treatments and this has caused bills to​ rise steadily. Yet insurance itself can start from just a​ few pounds a​ month,​ enabling you​ to​ avoid most of​ these unexpected costs,​ whenever they arise.

So what types of​ pet insurance policies are available?

As with all insurance,​ there are a​ number of​ variations. you​ can opt to​
purchase additional cover or​ cover for specific things not covered by the​
outlines below.

Level one - Commonly referred to​ as​ a​ ‘cover for life policy',​ this is​ where
companies offer a​ fixed amount of​ cover for vet fees each year and then
reinstate this amount each year when the​ policy is​ renewed. a​ cat with
arthritis,​ for example,​ would be covered for this condition during its lifetime,​
and the​ owner would pay an​ excess each year. This type of​ cover can be expensive but is​ suitable for long term,​ ongoing conditions.

Level two - the​ second type of​ insurance policy involves a​ maximum limit on​
the amount paid out for each condition,​ so,​ you​ can claim for as​ long as​ it​
takes to​ reach this limit. This is​ generally less expensive than level one and
is also suitable for long term conditions.

Level three - This type of​ cover has a​ maximum monetary limit per condition
and a​ maximum time limit that a​ condition can be claimed for (normally 12 months from its onset). Once the​ maximum monetary or​ time limit has been reached the​ condition will no longer be covered. This is​ commonly referred to​ as​ a​ 12 month policy.

Take care when considering which pet insurance is​ right for you​ and don't go
away thinking it​ will never happen to​ me - because it​ could and a​ pet with out
insurance can be very costly. Many companies will offer an​ additional discount for multiple pets so get them insured. Info source

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