Personal Skin Care

Personal Skin Care

‘Personal skin care’ is​ a​ routine
We all know the​ importance of​ ‘personal skin care’ . ​
the​ opinion on​ howto for​ personal skin care differs from person to​ person . ​
Some people believe that going to​ beauty parlours every other day is​ personal skin care . ​
Others believe that personal skin care is​ just a​ matter of​ applying some cream or​ lotion on​ your skin,​ every now and​ then . ​
Then there are people who think that personal skin care is​ an​ event that happens once a​ month or​ once a​ year . ​
Still others busy themselves with ‘personal skin care’ all the​ time . ​
However,​ personal skin care is​ not that complicated and​ neither is​ it​ that expensive considering how beneficial it​ is​ . ​
Personal skin care is​ following a​ routine or​ a​ procedure for​ attending to​ the​ needs of​ your skin . ​

Even before you​ start with a​ routine,​ you​ need to​ determine your skintype oily,​ dry,​ sensitive,​ normal etc and​ select the​ personal skin care products suitable for​ it​ you​ might have to​ experiment with a​ few personal skin care products . ​
Here is​ a​ routine that should work for​ most people with normal skin . ​

The first thing on​ personal skin care routine is​ ‘Cleansing’ . ​
the​ three main ingredients of​ a​ cleanser are oil,​ water and​ surfactants wetting agents . ​
Oil and​ surfactants extract dirt and​ oil from your skin and​ water then flushes it​ out,​ thus making your skin clean . ​
you​ might have to​ try a​ couple of​ cleansers before you​ find the​ one that suits you​ the​ best . ​
However,​ you​ should always use soapfree cleansers . ​
Also,​ you​ should use Luke warm water for​ cleansing hot and​ cold water,​ both,​ cause damage to​ your skin . ​
Take care that you​ don’t overcleanse your skin and​ end up damaging your skin in​ the​ process . ​

The second thing on​ the​ personal skin care routine is​ exfoliation . ​
Skin follows a​ natural maintenance process wherein it​ removes the​ dead cells and​ replaces them with new skin cells . ​
Exfoliation is​ just a​ way to​ facilitate the​ skin in​ this process . ​
Dead skin cells are not capable of​ responding to​ personal skin care products but still consume these products,​ hence preventing them from reaching the​ new skin cells . ​
Thus removing dead skin cells is​ important in​ order to​ increase the​ effectiveness of​ all personal skin care products . ​
Generally,​ exfoliation takes it​ place just after cleansing . ​
as​ with any personal skin care procedure,​ it’s important that you​ understand how much exfoliation you​ need . ​
Exfoliate 45 times per week for​ oily/normal skin and​ 12 times per week for​ dry/sensitive skin . ​
Exfoliate a​ couple of​ times more in​ hot and​ humid weather . ​

Next thing on​ personal skin care routine is​ moisturizers . ​
This is​ one of​ the​ most important things in​ personal skin care . ​
Even people with oily skin need moisturisers . ​
Moisturisers not only seal the​ moisture in​ your skin cells,​ but also attract moisture from air whenever needed . ​
Use of​ too much moisturiser can however clog skin pores and​ end up harming your skin . ​
the​ amount of​ moisturiser needed by your skin will become apparent to​ you​ within one week of​ you​ using the​ moisturiser . ​
Also,​ applying the​ moisturiser is​ best when your skin is​ still damp . ​

The last thing on​ personal skin care routine is​ sunscreen . ​
a​ lot of​ moisturizers daytime creams/moisturisers come with UV protection so you​ can get double benefits from them . ​
Such moisturisers are recommended for​ all days irrespective of​ whether it​ is​ sunny or​ cloudy . ​

Again,​ experiment with various personal skin care products and​ also with the​ amount you​ need to​ apply . ​
What gives you​ best results is​ the​ best personal skin care recipe for​ you . ​
However,​ if​ you​ have some kind of​ skin dilemma,​ it​ is​ best to​ consult your dermatologist before you​ actually start using any personal skin care products . ​

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