Personal Review For Microsoft Digital Image

Personal Review For Microsoft Digital Image

Personal Review for​ Microsoft Digital Image
With the​ developing of​ digital technology, more and​ more digital products are used universally in​ our life .​
Digital camera are widely used all over the​ world especially today .​
We often take large numbers of​ photos in​ various occasions with our digital camera and​ store them on our hard disk in​ different directories .​
But edit and​ manage these photos later are not a​ easy work for​ us .​
I​ usually edit my photos with PhotoShop and​ manage them with AcdSee previously .​
It is​ a​ long and​ rebarbative work, So I​ have to​ give up some photos which are unimportant .​
But how can I​ improve my work efficiency? Fortunately, I​ catch sight of​ a​ software which can edit and​ manage photos in​ batch over the​ Internet when I​ am surfing on-line .​
This is​ Microsoft Digital Image which is​ designed by Microsoft Corp, do you know that? I​ have used it​ for​ a​ long time and​ I​ can make sure that it​ would be very helpful for​ you as​ well.
Here are some basic characters and​ features about this software .​
Microsoft Digital Image is​ a​ complete digital imaging suite that combines image management and​ photo editing along with the​ ability to​ create narrated Photo Stories that can be viewed as​ video clip on our computer or​ portable device .​
We need not to​ use several softwares to​ edit and​ manage our photos any longer .​
Due to​ the​ narrated Photo Stories are very small, we can also send it​ to​ our friends and​ families by email or​ upload on our websites .​
The image library allows we to​ import and​ organize our photos with keywords and​ labels, assign personal ratings, mark photos for​ touch-up or​ further processing, send resized versions by email, and​ more .​
The included photo editor offers a​ wide range of​ easy-to-use image editing functions to​ improve and​ enhance our photos, remove red-eye effects, adjust colors and​ resize our images.
With the​ friendly interface of​ Microsoft Digital Image, all the​ functions are easy completed with a​ few click only .​
It also includes photo repair and​ touch-up tools that enables we to​ remove wrinkles, blemishes, spots and​ other imperfections .​
Other features include sharpening, levels and​ curve adjustments, text insertion, panorama stitching, camera phone auto-fix, noise reduction and​ more.
Overall, Microsoft Digital Image provides a​ straightforward interface that is​ easy to​ use even for​ novice users, yet powerful enough to​ accommodate advanced users as​ well .​
This all-in-one image tools suite is​ an​ ideal solution for​ shutterbug.
Microsoft Digital Image provides a​ free trial for​ us, but only can be free used 30 days and​ some features of​ this software are disabled .​
It is​ a​ standalone software and​ does not need any extra software and​ hardware requirement .​
Microsoft Digital Image does not contain any adware or​ spyware and​ we can use it​ safely and​ undisturbedly .​
It works with Win2000/XP/2003/Vista and​ its current version is​ 2018 Starter Edition.
Microsoft Digital Image is​ the​ most powerful tools with such more functions we need to​ edit and​ manage our photos and​ its size is​ smaller than similar tools I​ have used .​
What are you waiting for? Download the​ free trial now and​ experience what powerful and​ effective it​ is​ at​ once!

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