Personal Development Starter Guide

Personal Development Starter Guide

One of​ the key components in​ any Personal Development plan is​ creating a​ higher sense of​ self esteem. Your self-image is​ very important and determines whether you are successful in​ life or​ not. Many things you encounter, including people and environment, can affect your self-esteem and self-image. There are those spiritually deficit people who will deliberately damage your self esteem and those you do it​ unknowingly. Circumstances can sometimes push hard against and make you doubt yourself and others. Situations can cause you stress and disillusionment. Never allow these destructive influences to​ affect you.

Here are some tips that will act as​ a​ quick guide starter to​ your self improvement.

Don’t permit the behaviour of​ others to​ affect your self image. Never get caught up in​ the game of​ believing that the negative comments of​ others are true. if​ a​ person wishes to​ berate or​ belittle you then see it​ for what it​ is​ - a​ lack of​ self-esteem on their part. These people feel so low within themselves that they must elevate themselves at​ the expense of​ others. Do not do this yourself. it​ is​ very damaging to​ your own self esteem. For in​ order to​ be good at​ something you will have to​ make another person bad at​ it. You aren’t good at​ it​ your just better than ‘they’ are! Start to​ build your faith in​ your own abilities and let others take care of​ their own. Stay away from toxic people who have such a​ bad self-image, low self-esteem and lack of​ belief in​ themselves that they must build up their own ego at​ the expense of​ others.

Beware of​ a​ negative work or​ social environment. Don’t get caught up in​ the competitive mindset. You are a​ creator. You were put on this planet to​ be productive, to​ add value to​ your life and the lives of​ others. You don’t need to​ be competitive, you merely need to​ be creative and this will bring its own rewards. By keeping a​ creative mindset you can share in​ the joy of​ another’s success without feeling it​ is​ depriving you in​ anyway. Trust me, this new mindset will launch you further than the competitive mindset ever could.

Be open and willing to​ change. Embrace the new. as​ you progress in​ your personal development you will find that your old paradigms begin to​ shift and make way for new ones. This is​ natural and desirable. Remain flexible and adapt yourself to​ your changing world. Many people fight against change and this internal resistance causes inner strife and hardships of​ all kinds. This is​ an​ ever changing Universe and we must be willing to​ change with it.

Find a​ way of​ looking at​ the world, yourself, others and life in​ a​ new exciting way. Do not judge the present or​ make predictions about the future based on your past experiences. Use the past as​ a​ learning experience. See how you did things wrong and adjust your behaviour, actions, outlook or​ mental attitude accordingly. Release all that old emotional baggage and embrace the present. Enjoy the journey and all the changes that are taking place in​ your life.

Watch where you direct your focus. Your focus determines the reality you experience. "One man’s meat is​ another man’s poison". is​ your cup half empty or​ half full? Look for the good or​ at​ least the opportunity is​ every situation - "everything happens for a​ reason". Take stock of​ your mental attitudes. How do you view YOUR world? Many people are fearful of​ the times we currently live in. They worry about the environment, economies, unemployment, war etc. Images on TV and in​ the news only lend further weight to​ these worries by showing the very things we should not be focusing on! This world is​ full to​ overflowing with abundance, riches, love and joy. You just have to​ start noticing it.

Restructure your thought & feeling patterns. Your feelings regulate your thoughts, your thoughts determine your actions and your actions restructure your life. What type of​ life have you built for yourself up to​ now? Are you content and happy? Probably not or​ you wouldn’t be reading this. Your beliefs really do affect how you live your life, what you believe is​ possible for you and what you believe you are capable of​ achieving or​ having. Many of​ your beliefs are positive and nurturing. However, many are not. Find a​ way to​ change your negative beliefs. Your beliefs are merely a​ cluster of​ thoughts brought together to​ form a​ view and you can ALWAYS change your point of​ view!

Enjoy the journey. Life was meant to​ be rich and abundant. Celebrate each small positive change you make and enjoy the point in​ your life where you are right now. Don’t postpone your happiness until some future event or​ when you have developed some desirable characteristic. You will always be changing and evolving, it’s a​ universal law. So enjoy where you are, celebrate the progress you have made, be prepared to​ embrace the new but let tomorrow will take care of​ itself.

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