Perimeter Security System Airports

Perimeter Security System Airports

Perimeter Security systems are of​ utmost importance to​ "airport security". With passenger lines stretching from here until tomorrow, airports could not function without proven perimeter security systems. the​ pictures of​ passengers patiently lined up before metal detectors shows acceptance for​ Airport security systems. the​ other, unacceptable option is​ failed Perimeter
security systems leading to​ unthinkable 9-11 tragedies and​ empty planes in​ the​ skies.

Accidental Entry - Airport Security
People sometimes penetrate airport security by accident. for​ example, three boys on a​ sail boat wound up a​ runway at​ JFK airport. the​ intrusion led to​ upgraded airport Security regulations and​ enhanced perimeter security equipment. Yet, intrusion by innocent people is​ an​ every day occurrence for​ airports despite advanced perimeter security measures.

Airport Concourse - Security Systems
Concourse security focuses most of​ its attention on screening processes while perimeter security deal with threats beyond the​ airport terminal. Perimeter Security is​ vital as​ some airports may be protected by tall fences designed to​ keep out intruders. Security Systems for​ airports on the​ East and​ West Coasts have marine borders with large open areas. the​ airport's perimeter security relies on a​ combination of​ patrols by the​ coast guard, dogs and​ high tech Perimeter Security systems.

Armed Guards - Perimeter Security
Do armed guarded enhance airport Perimeter Security? the​ Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) adopted an​ on-line baggage
screening to​ speed up boarding time. They also created a​ elite police force armed with machine guns as​ seen in​ European
airports. Their role combines both perimeter security and​ airport Security roles in​ the​ event airport security is​ breached. While checking carry-on luggage, they also screen travelers for​ suspicious behavior.

Technology - Perimeter Security
The best hope for​ assuring airport security is​ the​ one least talked about - the​ companies and​ technology airports implement
security-based technology for​ maintaining a​ safe and​ secure airport. These include iris recognition, facial recognition, ID
validation, fingerprint biometrics and​ others. Just as​ important is​ technology that verifies suspicious activity that does
not pose what is​ not a​ viable threat. for​ example, thermal-imaging surveillance that provides real-time security perimeter
data to​ airport personnel.

CCTV systems - Security Systems
For years, airports have used CCTV systems manned by people watching large banks of​ monitors. While still a​ component of​
airport security system, the​ CCGTV systems have been upgraded b y new components and​ new analysis techniques. the​ "alarm"
triggered may be audible or​ configured to​ speak the​ warning. Experts know "Cameras data don't stop intruders. People stop
intruders". CCTV systems offer enhanced perimeter security to​ protect airports from Accidental Entry.

Perimeter Security System Airports

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