Perils Of Ignorance About Sexual Health

Perils of​ Ignorance about Sexual Health
Ignorance is​ a​ bliss this has been the​ deal. the​ long been promulgated idea has been inculcated in​ the​ minds of​ people and has dictated their actions since time immemorial. Politicians,​ in​ general,​ use this concept as​ they swiftly circumvent every charge filed against them now,​ that was just for a​ few laughs. They say that the​ lesser you know,​ the​ lesser the​ dangers to​ your life. But this is​ not always the​ case.
What are we​ discussing? You dont know? Well,​ its about ignorance.
Ignorance doesnt always put us on​ the​ safe side. Instead,​ ignirance can sometimes spell danger. Contrary to​ popular belief,​ there is​ no better defense to​ lifes toxic predicaments than a​ handful of​ knowledge,​ and a​ dose of​ good,​ oldfashioned common sense.
Again,​ to​ clarify things. . . the​ ignorance we​ are referring to​ is​ the​ sheer lack of​ knowledge and understanding about sexuality. Sexuality is​ still one of​ the​ most talked about topics in​ society even if​ it​ is​ responsible for perpetuating human life. But even more rare are the​ avenues for lengthy and tedious discussion about healthy sexuality. This issue is​ really a​ matter of​ life and death. as​ a​ student goes to​ school for academic nourishment,​ so must adults go to​ constantly rendezvous with health professionals in​ the​ sexual health clinic.
The sexual health clinic,​ contrary to​ what the​ name suggests,​ isnt only geared towards the​ treatment of​ sexuallyrelated diseases and sexrelated ailments. it​ is​ a​ place where people can get information about sexual health. Genitourinary medicine GUM clinics and sexually transmitted disease STD clinics are just some of​ the​ other names that are attributed to​ sexual health clinics. These institutions are manned by,​ at​ the​ very least,​ one medical staff who can discuss sexuallyrelated issues. the​ staff on​ duty can also refer patients to​ other healthrelated institutions which,​ in​ their stead,​ can provide further health service to​ the​ patient. Some sexual health clinics target specific types of​ populations while other clinics cater to​ all kinds of​ patients of​ sexual orientation or​ preference. According to​ www. wikipedia. org,​ there are some clinics that operate specifically to​ cater to​ lesbians,​ gays,​ bisexuals and transgenders.

These medical institutions provide,​ with the​ aide of​ medical breakthroughs,​ a​ widearray of​ uptodate treatments and procedures. Male sexual health clinics have long been providing medical assistance to​ treat erectile dysfunctions,​ infertility,​ premature ejaculation,​ prostate cancer,​ prostate gland enlargement,​ prostatitis,​ testicular cancer and other male sexual problems.
Female sexual health clinics,​ on​ the​ other hand,​ provide medical attention to​ treat a​ number of​ sexual and nonsex related illnesses such as​ menopausal symptoms,​ hot flashes,​ and vaginal dryness. Treatments like hormone therapy are provided to​ address cases of​ loss of​ sexual desire or​ drive,​ problems with arousal or​ orgasm,​ and pain or​ discomfort during intercourse.
These institutions do not only give positive and fast assistance to​ patients with sexual problems but assure the​ patients of​ their anonymity. All transactions are treated with strict confidentiality. the​ social nature of​ their health problem makes its important for these clinics to​ maintain a​ degree of​ confidentialty in​ handling the​ records of​ their patients. By being sensitive to​ the​ privacy needs of​ their patients,​ medical personnel are able to​ lessen the​ feeling of​ uneasiness or​ embarrassment usually felt by people with sexually transmitted disease or​ other nonsex related illnesses that are highly contagious.
Promoting sexual health is​ a​ serious matter. Ignorance about sexual health only leads to​ more health problems and illnesses that pose lifethreatening consequences. Ignorance can do nothing but prevent us from gaining the​ right information we​ need to​ protect us from the​ lethal repercussions of​ sexrelated predicaments. Instead of​ keeping us away from the​ problem,​ ignorance only fuels the​ craving of​ the​ people to​ try the​ untested.
Ignorance jeopardizes lives instead of​ bringing bliss. Therefore,​ there is​ a​ need for enlightenment and education about sexual health. No amount of​ ignorance can equal what a​ handful of​ knowledge with the​ aide of​ sexual health clinics can provide.

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