Performance And Sport Sunglasses

Performance And Sport Sunglasses

The recent boom and​ the​ extreme popularity obtained for​ outdoor sports activities like mountain biking, snowshoeing, rock climbing, skiing, kayaking, golfing and​ in-line skating has motivated the​ sun glass manufacturers to​ design performance-oriented sunglasses.

To meet the​ demands of​ the​ casual and​ competitive sportsperson, much study and​ growth has been done by the​ sun wear manufacturers as​ to​ how they could create the​ best sunglasses for​ various activities, requirements and​ environments. the​ results: lightweight, flexible and​ durable materials, no-slip components that do not fail in​ the​ heat of​ the​ moment, and​ of​ course lenses were introduced.


Lenses, perhaps the​ main significant aspect effective for​ sports sun wear has optical quality and​ image enhancement. These lenses are now accessible in​ many colors such as​ brown, green, gray, yellow, orange, etc… that are chiefly effective in​ certain situations.

Polycarbonate lenses are tremendously popular for​ its super muscular and​ impact-resistant quality that particularly attracts many people involved in​ sports.

Polarized lenses are also in​ great demand as​ they decrease glare produced on smooth surfaces such as​ water or​ a​ field of​ snow. Polarized lenses are highly effective sports lenses that work effectively with both the​ contradictory sports activities like the​ downhill to​ mogul skiing.

Glass lenses have great visual quality. Hence they are used as​ casual sunglasses and​ for​ golfing. Even though glass lenses have such great visual quality they are rarely used as​ sports eyewear because many people concerned in​ extreme sports shy away from glasses lenses for​ the​ possibility of​ shattering upon impact.

What's Your Sport?

One major trend that has hit the​ sports eyewear arena lately is​ sports-specific sun wear. Frames and​ lenses are now accessible that are targeted exclusively to​ the​ golfer, the​ cyclist, the​ boater, the​ rock climber and​ so on. This accessibility and​ specialization has fashioned great consumer interest and​ hence has increased sales in​ sports eyewear.

If you are the​ Jack of​ all sports, there is​ also a​ selection of​ multipurpose sports sunglasses available for​ you in​ the​ market. Changeable lens systems are also obtainable.

Another tendency in​ sports eyewear that has made consumers much more conscious of​ the​ brands and​ the​ products out there are the​ product endorsements and​ sponsorships by well-known professional athletes. Kobe Bryant of​ the​ Los Angeles Lakers, John McEnroe of​ pro tennis fame, PGA golfer David Ledbetter, Missy Giove, a​ top mountain biker, pro surfer Laird Hamilton, and​ even Olympic skier Johnny Moseley all have support deals with chief sports eyewear lines.

Performance And Sport Sunglasses

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