Perfect SEO Keyword Density

On-Site-Optimization is​ an​ important and major factor in​ SEO game. Many of​ web-site administrators start to​ focus all their effort in​ Off-Site-Optimization and this is​ totally wrong,​ because web-site administrators must make balance between Off-Site-Optimization and On-Site-Optimization. On-Site-Optimization refers to​ the​ factors that you​ can control in​ your site like:- keyword density,​ text ,​ and links. One of​ most critical element in​ On-Site-Optimization is​ keyword density,​ and if​ you​ can master it​ you​ can get a​ higher rank position for your site.
Keyword density is​ the​ ratio of​ the​ number of​ occurrences of​ a​ particular keyword or​ phrase to​ the​ total number of​ words in​ a​ page. the​ total number of​ words does not include only the​ words in​ your title,​ description,​ or​ even in​ the​ body. But it​ also includes Title,​ Meta Description,​ Meta Keywords,​ Visible Text,​ Alt Tags,​ Comment Tags,​ Domain Name,​ Image tags,​ Linked Text,​ Option Tags,​ and Reference Tags.
Keyword density is​ not constant for all Search engines. Simply every search engine algorithm differs,​ and for that you​ must choose an​ average keyword density that make your site rank in​ the​ top ten position in​ all search engines. if​ we make a​ research we will find that the​ best keyword density for Google is​ about 10%,​ Yahoo is​ about 20% and Msn is​ about 15%. Then you​ must make your site keyword density about 15% in​ order to​ get huge traffic to​ your site from those major search engines. It's up to​ you,​ you​ may choose to​ optimize your site for just one of​ search engines,​ or​ to​ target all the​ major search engines.
in​ conclusion,​ you​ must balance between Off-Site-Optimization and On-Site-Optimization. Also you​ should give some attention to​ keyword density in​ order to​ make successful site,​ and you​ can decide whatever you​ want to​ target all the​ search engine or​ a​ particular search engine.
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