Penpal E Pal Information

Penpal E Pal Information

PenPal / E-pal Information

Most of​ us are familiar with penpals and the age old tradition of​ posting letters overseas or​ to​ another part of​ the country and building a​ friendship, learning about new cultures, a​ new language or​ an​ understanding.

My initial exposure to​ penpals was at​ an​ age of​ around 10 when our school class would write to​ a​ class of​ similar age in​ Sweden. it​ was so exciting to​ get mail with "funny looking" postage stamps and to​ learn of​ a​ life vastly different to​ our own. (I couldn't believe my penpal could see reindeer not far from her home! Maybe they were Santa's!)

Today there is​ no need to​ wait weeks for a​ response, "snail mail" is​ now faster than ever, but there is​ also efficient electronic means such as​ emails and instant messenger. So staying in​ touch is​ easier and more exciting than ever.

Being an​ E-pal (email pal) is​ more exciting and easier than ever, you also have the ability to​ send digital photos and short movies with ease to​ those with the technology.

The reasons for being a​ penpal remain unchanged. For children it​ is​ an​ excellent and exciting way to​ learn of​ a​ different life, culture and lifestyle to​ their own. For those learning a​ new language communicating with someone who speaks that language natively can quickly advance their skills.

For a​ lot of​ people it​ is​ about forming long term relationships and like all human relationships share understanding, friendship and sometimes these relationships can even lead to​ finding that special life partner.

For others it​ is​ with interest and intrigue that they learn of​ a​ different life style, such as​ those writing to​ prisoners, penpals who would not otherwise come into contact with those incarcerated.

Relationships play an​ immensely important role in​ our life and having a​ penpal can be one of​ the most rewarding things we can do. Today there are so many options available to​ us that staying in​ touch is​ easier than ever before.

Online penpals / E-pals can be found on the internet and good sites allow you to​ select or​ filter potential online buddies and search by criteria such as​ countries, age, sex, religion, languages spoken etc.

Penpal E Pal Information

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