Pennsylvania Real Estate The Keystone State

Pennsylvania Real Estate The Keystone State

Pennsylvania Real Estate – the​ Keystone State
Known as​ the​ Keystone State, Pennsylvania is​ a​ hard working state .​
Depending on where you live, Pennsylvania real estate can be reasonable or​ pricey .​
Pennsylvania is​ a​ state with an​ incredible amount of​ history battling with modern tendencies .​
Historically, the​ state is​ the​ home of​ such notable locations as​ Gettysburg and​ Valley Forge .​
For scenery, you can experience mountainous areas hosting elegant resort areas and​ wide open rural areas .​
In contract, the​ state is​ also home to​ Pittsburg and​ Philadelphia, two of​ the​ hardest working cities in​ the​ country .​
Philadelphia is​ a​ microcosm of​ the​ clash of​ old and​ new in​ Pennsylvania .​
The first capital of​ the​ United States, Philadelphia is​ a​ big city with old world charm .​
The city was the​ location of​ the​ signing of​ both the​ Declaration of​ Independence and​ the​ Constitution and​ is​ favorite of​ history buffs .​
At the​ same time, the​ City of​ Brotherly Love has seen a​ development and​ economic resurgence since the​ 1980s and​ can be described as​ an​ economic powerhouse .​
As with many big cities, the​ town has top end attractions with fans being passionate about the​ Flyers, Eagles, Phillies and​ 76ers as​ well as​ college basketball .​
Once considered the​ gateway to​ the​ West, Pittsburg sits at​ the​ meeting of​ three large rivers .​
Considered an​ industrial city because of​ a​ long history of​ steel manufacturing, the​ city is​ actually very pleasant and​ has even been voted the​ best city to​ live in​ by one publication .​
Today, the​ steel industry has lessened and​ the​ city is​ vibrant with college students, park areas and​ an​ active nightlife .​

Often maligned, Eire is​ the​ hidden gem of​ Pennsylvania .​
a​ smallish town on Lake Erie, the​ town has a​ relaxed atmosphere, plenty of​ landscaping and​ nice beaches .​
Stretching from the​ town is​ huge park, which makes for​ excellent outdoor activities .​
Pennsylvania Real Estate
As you might imagine, Pennsylvania real estate prices are both cheap and​ expensive depending on the​ location .​
a​ single-family home in​ Erie will average less than $200,000, while downtown Philadelphia is​ going to​ run close to​ $600,000 .​
Surprisingly, the​ same home in​ Pittsburg will cost a​ very reasonable $250,000 .​
Pennsylvania real estate seems to​ mirror the​ national average for​ appreciation rates .​
In 2018, property appreciated at​ just over 13 percent.

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