Penis Enlargement Strategies

Penis Enlargement Strategies

Article: Penis enlargement, does it​ really work? What are the​ best ways to​ achieve penis enlargement? is​ penis size really that important? How long does penis enlargement treatment take to​ be effective?

The following should NOT be regarded as​ medical advice or​ suggestions for​ treatment. Should you consider that you are suffering from a​ sexually related problems (impotency, erectile dysfunction or​ premature ejaculation) professional medical advice should be sought.

Is penis enlargement a​ real possibility?
The answer to​ this appears to​ be a​ resounding YES! With a​ little carefully applied research, you can find literally thousands of​ testimonials from satisfied men and​ their partners who have increased their penis size using the​ different methods explored below

This article considers four ways that are frequently used to​ gain extra length and​ girth, and​ for​ the​ sake of​ the​ squeamish, we'll leave the​ discussion about surgery until last.

Pump it​ Up
Swallow and​ Rub
Lets Exercise
Under the​ Knife

Choosing the​ right option for​ you is​ dependent on what it​ is​ you wish to​ achieve, the​ amount of​ hard work you are prepared to​ invest, how long you're prepared to​ wait for​ the​ benefits, and​ considerably more. Reading this article will place you in​ the​ position of​ being able to​ make a​ reasonably educated decision.

Pump it​ Up
The device of​ choice for​ penis enlargement, for​ the​ uninitiated, this method involves placing what looks like a​ large test tube over the​ penis, a​ vacuum is​ created inside the​ test tube with the​ use of​ a​ manual or​ electrically operated pump. the​ vacuum inflates the​ penis by increasing the​ blood flow for​ a​ period of​ time. the​ immediate benefit is​ a​ hard large erection. Lasting changes take some time we're talking months rather than weeks. Long term results vary from individual to​ individual and​ can be affected by the​ quality of​ pump used.

The five main reasons for​ using penis pumps are:

1) Aiding in​ getting and​ maintaining an​ erection.
2) Relieving premature ejaculation and​ impotence.
3) to​ encourage better and​ stronger erections
4) for​ self-relief - some pumps have inner sleeves and​ vibrating bullets!
5) Gaining extra girth and​ length, a​ 20 -25% increase in​ girth and​ an​ extra 2 inches isn't uncommon over a​ period of​ time.

The objective is​ to​ stretch the​ ligament that attaches the​ penis to​ the​ body. It's the​ different types flasks, pumps, gauges, vibration, sleeves and​ more, found in​ the​ different qualities of​ pump that will ultimately decide how long it​ takes, and​ (possibly) how much of​ a​ difference will be made. Using a​ system that incorporates hanging weights would be a​ good idea to​ encourage the​ stretching of​ the​ (suspensory) ligament.

Swallow and​ Rub
There have been numerous promises quickly made (and quickly broken) about the​ latest pills that hypothetically induce penis enlargement. Most of​ these claims are dubious (in our humble opinion) at​ best, if​ not fraudulent. Nevertheless, we believe that good quality herbal preparations and​ creams can show benefits that are related to​ penis enlargement. Some of​ these are: Helping achieve stronger, lasting erections. Enhancing your sexual mood. Reducing the​ risk of​ premature ejaculation. Increasing libido. Encouraging an​ increased intensity of​ climax.

Many treatments contain a​ blend of​ well-known herbs that have been used for​ centuries because of​ their efficacy. Common ingredients include Horny Goat Weed (boosts the​ libido and​ supports erectile function.) Yohimbe (said to: 1.expand the​ blood vessels in​ the​ genitals 2. Accelerate adrenaline flow, 3. Heighten both sexual and​ emotional sensation. Further herbs used include
Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng and​ others.

Some creams and​ lotions contain benzocaine and​ are applied directly to​ the​ penis., a​ mild numbing sensation occurs. This reduces sensation in​ the​ penis. Reported results indicate this helps intercourse last longer. Other creams contain various ingredients that are intended to​ stimulate blood flow and​ are massaged into the​ penis. This can result in​ larger, stiffer erections.

Lets Exercise
If you are the​ kind of​ person who is​ nervous about surgery (who wouldn't be!) or​ doubts the​ efficacy of​ suction pumps, weights and​ herbal preparations 'Natural Penis Enlargement' strategies that use a​ combination of​ exercises to​ increase penis size may be the​ way forward for​ you. These exercises need to​ be performed regularly, up to​ six times weekly. Progress tends to​ be slow and​ it​ could be more than a​ year before you notice any benefit.

There are many sites out there offering these techniques, but it's a​ case of​ 'Buyer Beware'. Some less scrupulous site owner's bulk out the​ price by offering un-necessary add-ons, shop around and​ pay only for​ what you need. Remember these exercise are merely doing the​ same thing that a​ good quality pump would do but with a​ lot more effort (and possibly expense) on your part.

Under the​ Knife
Penis lengthening using urological surgery has been done for​ many years now. There are also various procedures to​ enlarge the​ girth of​ the​ penis, which can add 30-50% in​ circumference. However it​ is​ only recently that these procedures have become even a​ little more popular (we wonder why?). the​ lengthening operation involves making a​ small incision just above the​ base of​ the​ penis and​ cutting the​ suspensory ligaments, which hold about 2 inches of​ the​ penis inside the​ body. the​ immediate 1.5 to​ 2 inch gain may make this more appealing for​ some.

As is​ the​ case with any cosmetic surgery if​ you are considering this option, be sure that you have a​ number of​ consultations with specialists and​ doctors and​ be certain that you know exactly what is​ going to​ be done. This is​ definitely something NOT to​ rush into.

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