Pediatric Asthma Is It Really That Dangerous Can An Effective Asthma Treatment Tips Or Help

Pediatric Asthma Is It Really That Dangerous Can An Effective Asthma
Treatment Tips Or Help

What might our children pay 20 years from now after the​ full side effects of​ asthma drugs are known?

Curing pediatric asthma with time bombs.

When you discover that your child is​ suffering from asthma your doctor will undoubtedly reach for​ the​ prescription book. if​ he is​ a​ particularly good doctor he might hand you a​ couple of​ leaflets on how best to​ cope during your child's asthma attack. What he probably won't do is​ mention the​ possible side effects of​ all the​ drugs your child is​ going to​ start taking. and​ taking. and​ taking.

Do you really want your kids to​ have go through this day after day? Isn't there a​ better way? There is. Pediatric asthma does not have to​ begin and​ end with drugs. Drugs which could cause more harm in​ the​ longer term than good.

Let's start with what young junior is​ going to​ have to​ take. He'll probably have two inhalers. One called a​ 'reliever' and​ another called a​ 'preventer'. in​ the​ reliever you'll find usually one or​ several types of​ Bronchodilator. These types of​ drug work to​ increase the​ diameter of​ the​ airways. Don't you just love natural remedies? Ok, ready for​ the​ bad news?

Here are some of​ the​ possible side effects: nausea, actual vomiting, feeling restless and​ nervous, and​ finding it​ impossible to​ sleep. Depending on the​ Bronchodilator that your child takes, they could also suffer from headaches, irregular heat beats, diarrhea, depression and​ leg cramps. the​ preventers don't have those problems. They are normally made up of​ Corticosteroids. Which are worse.

Corticosteroids are anti-inflammatory drugs and​ people have died while switching from oral medication to​ inhaled medication. Other things to​ watch out for​ are mood swings (just what you need in​ a​ teenager), coughing, weight gain, muscle weakness, cataracts and​ osteoporosis. the​ options available in​ pediatric asthma are few and​ far between but they do exist. Would you like to​ take care of​ your kid's asthma without drugs?

I did. for​ years I had to​ blindly submit to​ the​ whims (and down-right boredom) of​ several doctors. Then I came across a​ new form of​ not just living with asthma but beating it​ too. Many people are now taking advantage of​ this drug-free method, especially children, who don't have the​ bodies developed enough to​ cater for​ all these drugs.

Pediatric asthma need not be one drug after the​ next and​ hoping for​ the​ best. Doctors may say that the​ drugs are safe, but have they done twenty years of​ tests on them? Do they know what effects these drugs will have on our children's children? Do you want to​ take the​ risk, however small?

Pediatric Asthma Is It Really That Dangerous Can An Effective Asthma
Treatment Tips Or Help

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