Payment Processors Review.

Payment Processors Review.

Paypal is​ not open to​ all international customer(it is​ the major disadvantage of​ papal).
you have three account possibility with paypal: Personal, Premier and Business. Premier account is​ preferable; you will be able to​ receive any type of​ payments, credits cards...)
If you decide to​ open an​ account with them, you will be able to​ receive payments within minutes.

A second option is​ Stormpay. it​ is​ a​ good payment processor( there is​ actually some different with autosurf sites, but customers who are not involved in​ theses programs don' t have any restrictions in​ using their accounts. it​ is​ a​ good alternative to​ paypal, because they do not have any restrictions concerning the country of​ application for the account. it​ is​ available worldwide.
The fonctionement of​ Stormpay is​ similar to​ paypal, and for the beginner, the newbie, he can start after going through the tutorial.

Now, the paid payment processors.
2 payment processors must retain your attention when you start:ClickBank and 2checkout.
Before opening your account with click bank, you will have to​ submit a​ product approval request. You will be able after your acceptation, to​ accept payment by credit card, paypal balance, e checks. Also, you will have the benefit of​ being listed in​ the ClickBank marketplace, that will allow you to​ run your own affiliate program.
Note that I recommend that you host your own affiliate Programs.
You will have to​ pay $49.95 to​ open your account.

The second payment processor is​ 2checkout.
I highly recommend that you register with 2checkout as​ your payment processor. it​ is​ a​ fast and reliable payment processor. You just have to​ pay a​ one time payment fee of​ $49.95(no monthly fees). And you will be able to​ receive all kind of​ payment for your online business. You will then accept payment by credit cards, debit and checks, from any part of​ the world.

You will be able also to​ set an​ automatic rebilling of​ your customer' s monthly fee, with 2checkout, paypal and stormpay.

You must know that if​ you don' t provide to​ your customers a​ way to​ pay you from any part of​ the world, that will result for you in​ a​ lost of​ sales, and residual customers over time.
The best payment processor available right now is​ 2checkout, because it​ enable you to​ receive all kind of​ payment available worldwide.

Payment Processors Review.

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