Pattaya A Go Go Review

1. Happy - The Best of​ my favorite go go bar. There are beautiful girls, friendly staff, good set up- one main stage and seats all around it​ and one off stage to​ the left when you enter. This place is​ always busy, so if​ you can, get there early.

This place probably has the most talent I've seen in​ a​ go go bar. Typical go go bar music but are we there for the music? No! I’m there for beautiful women and this place has it. I don’t have anything bad to​ report about this bar because I've always had a​ great experience there. They have shows (I have no idea how often) girls come out, dance naked- good stuff. One thing I love about this bar, aside from the stunners who dance on the main stage, are the girls in​ the big white boots, black skirts and little boob tops.

2. Living Dolls LD - Great places, it​ reminds me a​ lot of​ Peppermint, just a​ lot smaller, but definitely has some talent walking around and other types. Typically, it​ is​ a​ really fun place to​ hang out. I met a​ bunch of​ really fun girls from there. I saw a​ handful of​ guys get shot down by the main performers, which honestly, I've never seen in​ other places. I guess it​ really can happen. The top performers are some beautiful girls; a​ little heavy on the tats, but if​ that's your thing, there's a​ girl with leg tats that's just ridiculously hot while dancing. I met a​ main performer who spoke great English, no tats and could move up on the dance floor like no other nice girls and if​ you expect me to​ remember her name, you're dreaming

3. Boesche - Beautiful girls everywhere and they have a​ great show in​ the Jacuzzi in​ the back. Girls eating each other as​ they put the back of​ their heads into your lap and you drink a​ brew with a​ girl eating downtown at​ the Y below you. Good stuff. Nothing to​ report here, this place can get very crowded, but seems to​ be a​ late night crowd (gets busy after 11pm). Main stage dancers are usually top notch.

4. Peppermint - Peppermint is​ a​ great place to​ start the West Side Crawl. All the girls I've ever met there were a​ lot of​ fun, spoken English and were a​ blast. it​ does have a​ mix of​ everything; some really smoking hot girls, some mediocre, but the place is​ so big, it​ really just houses any kind of​ girl so it​ doesn't really matter. There is​ nothing but great times there and some great talent walking around. Find the stunners they are there, but will go quickly at​ this bar.

5. Windmill - This place brings a​ tear to​ me eye back in​ April 2018, this place seemed to​ have so much young, amazing talent that my neck was on a​ swivel and I met a​ stunner who was a​ 12 on the looks department my favorite all-time girl. Since then, Windmill has seemed to​ go downhill, not so many stunners and while they are wearing plaid semi-school girl outfits, it​ is​ just not the stunner quality girls you'd expect. So sad because it​ used to​ be such an​ amazing haven and I used to​ run to​ it​ (imagine a​ foreigner running down Walking Street in​ slow motion, with a​ tear coming down his cheek). The show is​ great, but if​ the girls aren't hot.

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