Patient Rights Nursing Assistants Need To Be Aware Of

Patient Rights Nursing Assistants Need To Be Aware Of

Patient Rights Nursing Assistants Need to​ be Aware of
Nursing assistants take great care in​ providing patients with the best possible care .​
They assist with meeting their basic needs on whatever level that particular patient needs .​
Nursing assistants often have to​ make informed decisions for the patients they care for .​
However, it​ is​ very important for all Nursing Assistants to​ be aware of​ rights of​ all patients .​
Nursing assistants need to​ familiarize themselves with these rights and respect them.
Patients have the right to​ be fully informed at​ the time of​ admission and throughout their stay in​ the facility .​
As the Nursing Assistant, you may be asked questions by patients that you are not qualified to​ answer .​
Acknowledge this with the patient, let them know who can answer their question, and document the information in​ their chart .​
Most information given to​ patients and their family will come directly from the doctor or​ the charge Nurse .​
All patients have the right to​ refuse treatment .​
This can be difficult for Nursing Assistants as​ they really want to​ be as​ helpful to​ the patient as​ possible .​
However, if​ they do not want your assistance you can’t force them .​
You must report this to​ your supervisor as​ well as​ document the information in​ the patient’s chart .​
If a​ patient is​ not happy with the care they are receiving, they have the right to​ inquire about grievance procedures and file a​ complaint .​
If a​ patient voices a​ complaint to​ you, provide them with the information to​ file a​ formal complaint .​
The policies and procedures for doing so will vary be medical facility.
Patients shall not encounter physical or​ mental abuse from anyone while staying in​ a​ medical facility .​
This includes chemical and physical restraints .​
Any such incidents shall be reported by the Nursing Assistant immediately to​ the supervisor, and often the local police department.
It is​ the duty of​ all Nursing Assistants to​ provide each patient with confidentiality and dignity .​
They should be treated with respect and privacy in​ regards to​ their personal information .​
Keeping anything you find out in​ the medical setting confined to​ other professionals who must know the situation is​ the best advice.
Patients have the right to​ participate in​ the religion of​ their choice .​
They are allowed to​ have visitors from the Church as​ well as​ private visitors as​ long as​ it​ does not interfere with medical advice .​
The Nursing Assistant must learn to​ work the needs of​ the patient around such visits .​
Providing quality care to​ individuals is​ a​ very rewarding challenge to​ Nursing Assistants .​
Keep in​ mind that each patient has their own personality, desires, and needs .​
They want these to​ continue being met even while they are in​ a​ medical facility .​
This allows them to​ maintain a​ routine and sense of​ normalcy .​
The longer you care for a​ patient, the better you will understand how to​ best care for them.
It is​ difficult to​ balance the medical needs of​ a​ patient with their own personal desires .​
However, it​ is​ possible to​ provide both by respecting the patient’s rights .​
This will ensure that they understand and denied requests are done purely in​ the best interest of​ their well being .​
Nursing Assistants are often considered an​ ally by patients .​
They help reduce any issues between the patient and Nursing staff as​ well as​ the patient and physician .​

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