Patient Abuse By Nursing Assistants

Patient Abuse by Nursing Assistants
We have all heard horror stories of​ patient abuse by Nursing Assistants .​
This takes shape in​ many forms including sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and theft .​
Most medical facilities Nationwide are taking precautions against such abuse occurring, including completing background checks .​
In some states, you can’t work as​ a​ Nursing Assistant if​ you have any charges relating to​ domestic violence, harassment, or​ drunk driving because it​ is​ possible such behaviors can escalate in​ the work environment.
Many organizations complain that Nursing Assistants aren’t properly looked into because the demand is​ so great in​ the industry .​
As a​ result, some employers are lowering the background check expectations .​
However, many states are holding the employer responsible when such abuse occurs, so this will likely help to​ curb that process.
Sexual abuse charges by Nursing Assistants are taken very seriously .​
Such sexual abuse reports include allegations of​ inappropriate touching and sexual intercourse .​
It is​ most commonly found to​ take place with male Nursing Assistants with those they are responsible for bathing .​
It is​ the responsibility of​ Nurses to​ routinely make a​ surprise visit into the area where a​ Nursing Assistant is​ alone with a​ patient .​
This will help convey the message that their endeavors may be interrupted and caught .​
Physical abuse by Nursing Assistants is​ often hard to​ prove unless it​ has been witnessed or​ bruises appear .​
Often this type of​ abuse is​ conducted by Nursing Assistants who are not satisfied with their job .​
They are easily upset, frustrated, and overwhelmed .​
Some abuse their patients as​ a​ method of​ teaching them that they think some of​ their behaviors are inappropriate .​
For example, some patients have reported being hit for soiling their clothes and bedding .​
This often goes unreported in​ elderly populations as​ they become very afraid .​
Verbal abuse is​ one of​ the most common types of​ abuse by Nursing Assistants .​
It can be simple teasing, belittling, or​ threats .​
Often this type of​ behavior stems out of​ control issues and the desire to​ have a​ more important job .​
Theft is​ the number one reported type of​ abuse by Nursing Assistants .​
In can include cash, food, jewelry, and even dietary supplements .​
In medical facilities, such theft can be hard to​ prove who did it​ because the patient comes into contact with so many individuals who work in​ the facility.
While most Nursing Assistants do their job with as​ much energy and work ethic as​ humanly possible, there are those who give the entire profession a​ bad name .​
It is​ sad when you think about it​ – when is​ the last time a​ Nursing Assistant who did a​ good job made National headlines? Yet let one fall out of​ line, and you will hear it​ on the TV, radio, and the internet continuously .​
The Nursing Assistant profession can be very difficult .​
It takes a​ very particular type of​ individual to​ be able to​ meet the requirements .​
Employers have a​ responsibility to​ protect all the patients .​
This requires money and time to​ be spent on extensive background checks and training .​
It also requires workshops and ongoing training for all staff members .​
Everyone should know signs of​ abuse to​ be watching for and how to​ report them .​
Abuse by Nursing Assistants will be prosecuted by law .​
Anyone going into the profession needs to​ be made very aware of​ that .​

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