Patching Up The Problems In Womens Sexual Health And Pregnancy

Patching Up The Problems In Womens Sexual Health And Pregnancy

Patching Up the​ Problems in​ Womens Sexual Health and Pregnancy
One of​ the​ lesser known pregnancy prevention products available is​ called the​ birth control patch. the​ birth control patch is​ a​ thin,​ beige square patch that sticks to​ the​ skin. By releasing hormones through the​ skin into the​ bloodstream,​ this birth control method would help prevent pregnancy. By combining the​ hormones called progesterone and estrogen,​ the​ patch prevents ovulation or​ the​ release of​ an egg from the​ ovaries during a​ womans monthly menstruation. the​ hormones in​ the​ patch also thickens the​ mucus produced in​ the​ cervix,​ making it​ difficult for sperm to​ enter and reach any eggs that may have been released.
Similar to​ other forms of​ birth control such as​ the​ birth control pill or​ ring,​ the​ user works on​ the​ birth control patch based on​ her menstrual cycle. Normally,​ the​ girl puts the​ patch on​ the​ first day of​ her menstrual cycle,​ or​ the​ first Sunday after her cycle begins. She will then place the​ patch on​ her skin once a​ week for three weeks straight. This patch should be applied to​ either of​ the​ following buttocks,​ abdomen,​ upper arm,​ or​ upper torso. On its fourth week,​ no patch is​ worn,​ and the​ users period will then start again during this time.
The sales of​ birth control patches dipped after a​ legal complaint was made by a​ group of​ 40 women,​ all of​ which used a​ popular birth control patch,​ directly to​ the​ patchs manufacturer. They claimed that these contraceptives were causing serious health problems. One specific lawsuit claimed that 43 women suffered from blood clots and other ailments after taking a​ popular branded birth control patch. a​ second lawsuit stated that a​ woman of​ 25 died of​ severe blood clots in​ her lungs and legs after she began using this birth control product.
These lawsuits complained that the​ manufacturer of​ this birth control patch allegedly failed to​ warn the​ public about the​ risks of​ using the​ said product. the​ plaintiff also claimed that the​ company deceived the​ public about the​ severity of​ potential side effects,​ and that includes concealing information about the​ risk of​ strokes and severe blood clots. Shawn Khorrami,​ one of​ the​ attorneys for the​ plaintiffs,​ said that this product should not be on​ the​ market. When a​ certain product is​ put out,​ giving women more hormones than they need,​ then you are increasing their risk of​ developing those ailments. Khorrami also added that similar lawsuits have been filed on​ behalf of​ nearly 400 women around the​ US.
Last September,​ the​ FDA warned women regarding the​ risk of​ blood clots in​ the​ legs and lungs and their use of​ birth control patches. as​ a​ result of​ the​ warning,​ the​ product label was updated to​ reflect the​ data of​ one study that found women using the​ patch faced twice the​ risk of​ clots than did women on​ the​ pill. From this information,​ women should be careful in​ choosing their form of​ birth control. it​ is​ advisable for them to​ go and visit their gynecologist or​ physician,​ and try to​ gather facts about their health history,​ and choose the​ best birth control that will suit both their health and lifestyle.

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