Passion Purpose Profits

Passion and purpose are the common denominators shared by the happiest, wealthiest and most successful people on this planet.

Bill Gates is​ passionate about making health care available around the world.
Oprah Winfrey is​ passionate about making education available around the world.
Martin Luther King was passionate about making freedom available around the world.

These lasting legacies of​ clinics, schools and human rights stem from the vision of​ people just like you and me. What sets them apart from most of​ us is​ the clarity and power of​ their passion and purpose. These successful people knew what they wanted to​ accomplish and felt passionate about making a​ difference in​ the world. They grew their purpose as​ their successes grew. They created the momentum required to​ change the world by focusing and acting daily on what they could uniquely offer. Businessman, TV celebrity and preacher, they had their eye on a​ bigger prize, that would change the lives of​ many.

What is​ your passion and purpose?

Perhaps you’ve been sidetracked by the efforts and distractions of​ daily life in​ the 21st century. Getting through the day, acquiring homes and cars, preparing for our next vacation or​ retirement, checking e-mail and watching TV can fill our hours. When we fill our days with these efforts and distractions it​ is​ easy to​ feel dissatisfied. This feeling that something is​ missing from our lives is​ a​ gentle nudge that there is​ more to​ experience.

Once we have secured safety and stability for our loved ones and ourselves it​ is​ time to​ address that place in​ our being that wants to​ be satisfied through purpose, which gives meaning to​ our lives. We don’t have to​ create world peace, end crippling disease, or​ educate the continent of​ Africa for our interests to​ have value.

What do you most enjoy thinking about? What do you do for pleasure? What were your passions as​ a​ kid? What makes you lose track of​ time and feel invigorated by when you are involved? What we are most passionate about points directly to​ our unique purpose in​ life.

Passion and purpose do not need to​ be global to​ be powerful, but to​ be profitable; they must contribute to​ the experience of​ others.

David is​ passionate about connecting and relating to​ people. He’s making big profits in​ real estate. People are enthusiastic about doing business with him and referring their friends to​ him because they know he is​ passionate about their successful participation in​ the American dream. His simple website makes it​ easy for prospects to​ get to​ know him and for him to​ educate his clients.

Kathleen and Mark are passionate about their art. They are gaining profitable momentum as​ they apply their craft to​ making beautiful bonsai pots for the thousands of​ people worldwide that are passionate about the art of​ growing miniature trees. a​ simple website and a​ smart marketing blueprint allows them the freedom to​ pursue their art instead of​ a​ paycheck.

Peg is​ a​ techie and always has been. She enjoys tinkering and has given it​ purpose. She maintains my computers and dozens of​ others from hundreds of​ miles away. She gets satisfaction and she profits from an​ interest in​ knowing how things work. Having a​ website lets people all over North America take advantage of​ her remote services.

Turning Passion and Purpose Into Profit

Whether your joy comes from serving people, creating art or​ applying technical information, you can turn your interests into your work by recognizing that by sharing it​ you can improve the quality of​ living for yourself and others.

You can turn your purpose into profit by sharing it​ worldwide. There may not be many local people interested in​ model trains, carnival secrets, or​ the fine art of​ teaching your dog to​ count to​ ten, but with the ability to​ reach out and market to​ the world, there are sure to​ be others who share in​ or​ would benefit from your interests and knowledge.

Imagine your daily delights if​ you were making money doing what you love! Pick your own hours, pick your location, pick your passion. There has never been a​ time before where you could instantly reach around the world and connect with others so easily. There has never before been such an​ opportunity to​ build a​ business out of​ thin air and create a​ connection worldwide with others who want to​ know what you know.

It takes a​ little courage, a​ little know how and a​ desire to​ focus your time and energy on what is​ important to​ you. Imagine what your life would feel like if​ you were making a​ prosperous livelihood doing what you love. is​ now the time to​ take action?

Kristin S. Kopp
Prosperity Coach

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