Passing The Time Away With Your Dog And He Will Enjoy It Too

They aren't called man's best friend for nothing! Having a​ dog can lengthen your life,​ lower your stress levels and just generally improve your quality of​ life.

Playing together is​ an​ important part of​ being together and having a​ happy,​ healthy dog. One thing pet behaviourists agree on​ is​ how important it​ is​ to​ play regularyl together. Aside from the​ bonding it​ encourages,​ it​ will also strengthen the​ understanding and respect between you​ and your pet.

There are plenty of​ ways you​ can play with your dog. Some games might even have the​ added benefit of​ teaching your beloved pet a​ new skill,​ or​ develop another. All you​ need is​ some imagination,​ some time and of​ course treats always help too!

One of​ the​ timeless classics is​ 'fetch'. This is​ a​ wonderful way to​ teach your dog to​ follow directions and play a​ game which does not involve too much from you. With some practice you​ can even lie back in​ the​ sun and throw a​ ball (or any object) for your pet to​ return. Teaching your pet to​ fetch can test the​ patience of​ even the​ most patient owner! if​ you​ are serious about it​ most dogs can learn to​ participate in​ this simple game.

You will want to​ start off with one of​ your dogs favorite toys,​ and a​ treat. Practicing the​ 'drop it' command first will help ! Used together this can be a​ good way to​ teach your dog. Throw the​ item and when the​ dog brings it​ baack to​ you​ - shower him with praise. He will get the​ idea after a​ while.

It's best to​ try these things in​ small sessions. Fifteen minutes a​ day of​ practicing the​ 'fetch' command and your dog should be able to​ get it​ right.

There are other ways you​ can play with your dog which arent as​ frustrating as​ the​ fetch game.

Games which encourage tracking and seeking out items are good for your pet too. you​ can hide a​ treat and then practice the​ sit command. on​ your command the​ dog goes and seeks out the​ treat you​ have hidden. Hide many treats and encourage them to​ find the​ treats as​ quickly as​ they can!

Every owner has special games that they play with their dogs. There are all kinds of​ vairations on​ many of​ the​ tried and tested games. you​ will have many of​ your own special games that you​ play together,​ just keep creative and remember that your dog is​ a​ puppy inside forever - they love to​ play with you!

Dogs are social creatures and regular game playing can bring out the​ best in​ your dog. There's nothing like a​ wagging tail to​ put a​ smile on​ your face!

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