Participating In SEO Contests Then You Have To Think Of A Well Structured Strategy To Win

In normal niches the​ competition is​ not as​ killing as​ in​ SEO contests,​ well... except for the​ search engine optimization niche off coarse. But to​ be the​ best in​ an​ SEO contest you​ don't always have to​ have a​ big wallet,​ or​ a​ huge network of​ authority websites. you​ can also win with a​ good strategy,​ and good SEO tactics.

The number one for the​ search engine contest keyword phrase is​ always the​ one everybody is​ focused upon. And everything that page does is​ being duplicated by hundreds of​ people. And that's not what you​ want,​ do you? you​ want to​ win by surprise. the​ best way is​ off course hitting the​ first spot a​ day before the​ end of​ the​ contest. But how can you​ do that? Well I'll explain it​ to​ you.

First of​ all you​ need to​ get yourself indexed,​ get some low pagerank backlinks from some link directories or​ something. This is​ to​ know your position in​ the​ contest,​ once you​ rank at​ a​ spot for the​ specific key phrase you​ kind of​ know how hard it​ is​ going to​ be,​ if​ you​ rank on​ the​ first 3 pages of​ Google the​ competition isn't that hard. But if​ you​ rank at​ the​ tenth page it's going to​ be a​ little more difficult.

The next thing is​ to​ use your network of​ websites. you​ can do that by placing a​ link from each website to​ your contest page. But if​ you​ have many websites and many pages on​ those websites,​ it​ can trigger a​ Google penalty,​ and you​ don't want that in​ the​ contest. What you​ also can do is​ creating a​ page on​ every website you​ own and link to​ that page from all the​ pages within the​ website. you​ will get high valuable links with a​ lot of​ weight because the​ links are on​ topic.

Another tip from me is​ try to​ rank high with a​ handicap. if​ you​ screw up your on​ page optimization and you​ can rank high,​ you​ can give a​ final boost to​ your ranking by doing some on​ page optimization right before the​ contest ends.

And off coarse do what I'm doing now: write articles. This is​ almost the​ most important thing in​ SEO,​ writing articles about the​ subject. This article is​ about SEO contests,​ and it​ would never been written if​ i never participated in​ the​ pvmultimedia SEO contest. Also like you​ see above,​ you​ can put anything in​ your article,​ so put your targeted keywords in​ it​ for the​ contest. you​ can see I'm doing that as​ well,​ I wrote down the​ words pvmultimedia SEO contest because those are the​ contest keywords.

And if​ you​ write a​ lot of​ articles you​ have to​ submit them to​ and other big article directories,​ they will be all over the​ web in​ no-time. All organic backlinks from highly optimized content related web pages from all around the​ globe,​ all different ip addresses,​ all with the​ one link you​ prefer,​ all one way links. This is​ the​ way to​ be the​ best,​ not money,​ no networks just be smart and stay out of​ sight.

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