Part Time Franchise Opportunities

Part Time Franchise Opportunities

There are many franchise opportunities for people who would like to​ work part time. They range from consulting franchises to​ childcare businesses.

Many people can not afford the luxury of​ a​ full time business or​ employment. Rather then seeking a​ part time job, they would rather be in​ control of​ their lives. The problem with most businesses is​ that they are only profitable if​ run full time.

This begs the question what are the characteristics of​ a​ part time franchise business? The answer is​ that a​ part time franchise needs to​ have a​ blend of​ the following ingredients:

1) Low overheads
2) Flexible working hours
3) No need for large premises
4) Few if​ any employees
5) Minimal requirements in​ terms of​ equipment
6) No stock or​ minimal stock requirements

So what types of​ franchises are suitable for people who have maybe 20 hours a​ week to​ spare and would like to​ be their own boss? After spending time researching the market, I have found these niches that can satisfy the above requirements:

1) Business cost management - a​ franchisee is​ trained to​ visit companies and analyse areas where cost savings can easily be made. The franchisee makes a​ percentage of​ the savings. Many companies are so busy running their companies that they overlook many areas that, with a​ little effort, could save a​ lot of​ money.

2) Financial Solutions - This franchise opportunity arises because people simply don’t have the time to​ analyse all the options available. The franchisee arranges loans, mortgages & pensions for people by analysing what's available on the marketplace and producing a​ report with a​ quick comparison.

3) Car Valet - a​ franchisee - well equipped - with a​ van, powerful cleaning equipment and the right chemicals can easily clean 6 cars per hour. it​ doesn't take a​ genius to​ realise that a​ healthy income can be made by doing work professionally that other people don't want to​ do!

4) Vending franchises - With this business opportunity, the franchisee has to​ persuade businesses with healthy foot flow to​ keep a​ vending machine on their site. The profits are then split equally between the supplier, franchisee and the site provider.

5) Childcare franchises - They do what they say in​ the title! Many people are caught trying to​ take care of​ their children who happen to​ finish school a​ couple of​ hours before they finish work!

I have named only a​ few opportunities, but in​ reality they are many and varied. Other options include therapy, cleaning and food delivery franchises.

Please remember to​ take financial and legal advice before committing to​ any new business opportunity.

Part Time Franchise Opportunities

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