Paraguay Casinos

Paraguay Casinos

Paraguay is​ a​ South American country with rich culture and history,​ also a​ favorite getaway for tourists from all over the​ world including South America itself. Gambling in​ Paraguay is​ only legal in​ the​ casinos,​ and they have a​ few to​ boast of​ in​ the​ major cities that are of​ interest as​ tourist destinations.

Tourists and locals crowd Paraguay casinos alike,​ as​ Paraguayans are passionate about the​ thrill of​ gambling. Three of​ the​ Paraguay casinos are situated in​ Asuncion,​ which is​ also the​ capital city,​ and others are in​ Ciudad del Este and San Bernardino. One of​ the​ most famous of​ these is​ the​ Hotel Resort Casino Yacht and Golf Club Paraguay,​ situated in​ Asuncion. it​ is​ a​ hotel,​ as​ the​ name suggests,​ with 125 rooms and suites,​ an​ 18-hole golf course,​ a​ tennis court,​ a​ spa and fitness center,​ swimming pool,​ a​ disco,​ five restaurants with international and local cuisine,​ and two bars.

The casino in​ the​ Hotel Resort Casino Yacht and Golf Club Paraguay offers 18 table games with American roulette,​ baccarat,​ blackjack,​ Caribbean stud poker,​ French roulette,​ poker,​ and Punto Banco. Besides the​ table games,​ the​ casino also has 80 slot machines for the​ entertainment of​ the​ guests.

Due to​ the​ fact that most casinos are on​ a​ hotel's premises,​ house rules may differ and with them the​ opening and closing hours,​ as​ well. All Paraguay casinos allow gambling only to​ those who are 18 years or​ age and more,​ and the​ same applies in​ the​ case of​ consumption of​ any alcoholic beverages. a​ valid identification will be required in​ order to​ enter a​ Paraguay casino and without one,​ you may be denied entry to​ the​ same.

If you are a​ beginner in​ the​ gambling world,​ Paraguay casinos' friendly personnel conduct gambling lessons periodically for free in​ order to​ initiate newcomers to​ the​ thrill of​ the​ game. in​ Paraguay,​ the​ official language is​ Spanish; however,​ English is​ widely spoken throughout the​ country and in​ places that are tourist attractions such as​ casinos.

It is​ a​ pleasure to​ visit Paraguay whether it​ is​ by air,​ land,​ or​ a​ cruise in​ any season of​ the​ year; the​ people are friendly,​ the​ country charming,​ and the​ adventures are endless. Visit Paraguay today and experience for yourself the​ thrill of​ gambling in​ their casinos.

Paraguay Casinos

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