Panasonic Th 42pz700u Review

Panasonic Th 42pz700u Review

Panasonic TH-42PZ700U review
Although this HDTV isn’t very affordable and hasn’t got any cool or​ new features, the visual quality is​ very good .​
Other may seem more reasonable for this price, but if​ you really want to​ amaze your friends with all the visual details and great sceneries, you have to​ buy this product .​
When speaking about visuals, this is​ the best there is .​
It has amazing high definition view, with great details and superb picture quality .​
You will be impressed by the way people’s skin and hair looks .​
This 42 inch plasma got a​ bigger score than any of​ the other products in​ its category .​
It is​ the highest resolution plasma you can find on the market right now .​
The standard definition broadcast test didn’t give this product an​ excellent score .​
The colors aren’t as​ bright and shiny as​ people expect them to​ be .​
For example, the Vizio VP42 managed to​ get a​ bigger score in​ this category as​ its colors were more lively and real .​
However the Panasonic TH-42PZ700U does a​ pretty good job with the standard def DVD.
The black colors are amazing and deep; they bring out the excellent quality of​ this product .​
Most of​ us pay more attention to​ the color, graphics and options that a​ TV comes with but the black and white of​ the images should also take closer notice.
The most important thing to​ get a​ good visual quality is​ to​ know how to​ set the TV at​ its best performance .​
Unfortunately, the menu isn’t very helpful, everything is​ very hard to​ handle .​
It takes a​ big amount of​ time to​ set the language .​
In the menu where it​ shows English language, when you clickok you might notice that nothing happens .​
Usually, these menus are intuitive but this one isn’t at​ all .​
It actually has a​ little button; you will probably notice it​ after a​ long time of​ searching .​
Using that button will approve your selection, otherwise it​ will change it​ and you won’t even know why .​
Like the manual options this is​ more annoying that anything else, as​ it​ should save automatically or​ give you an​ easier way to​ make your changes permanent.
When you reach the menu where you can label input devices, fortunately you can skip some of​ them and move on .​
However, if​ this was done automatically things would have been better and faster .​
It’s not a​ major problem, but most of​ these options are automatic now, so it’s very strange that Panasonic only added the manual options.
The good thing about this product is​ that you can set everything up very easily .​
Physically speaking, this product isn’t like the ones that take 3 hours to​ install after moving away all your furniture .​
It has a​ single coaxial connector; you will find it​ facing down .​
Also, other features include extra component video and S-Video inputs .​
a​ great aspect is​ the great card reader which can be used to​ see the photos right out of​ the camera .​
Speakers are on the side, and you can almost miss them because they are hidden in​ the HDTV’s design .​
The placements of​ the speakers are sleeker than you would normally see as​ they were built in​ and designed to​ blend perfectly with the frame .​
Speaking of​ design, this TV has a​ great elegant design, like any well respected brand, Panasonic chooses the classic glossy black for the TH-42PZ700U .​
The remote control is​ big and heavy, it​ almost suggests this product’s high quality .​
However, it​ has a​ particular design as​ one half is​ full of​ buttons .​
But you shouldn’t worry about control, everything will run smooth because it​ is​ designed for you comfort .​

Overall this product is​ amazing; it​ brings out the smallest details and has a​ highly improved visual quality when compared to​ other HDTVs .​
It doesn’t have many features, but why would you need them if​ it​ shows perfect pictures at​ the best quality you can buy .​
Although it’s a​ little bit pricey, you should buy it​ if​ you are looking for video quality .​

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