Pain In Heel Of Foot And Self Treatment

Pain In Heel Of Foot And Self Treatment

Pain in​ Heel of​ Foot and​ Self Treatment
Pain in​ heel of​ foot self treatment can be done at​ home if​ you are suffering from plantar fasciitis. Common causes of​ pain in​ heel of​ foot conditions are inflammation and/or tightness in​ the​ plantar fascia, which is​ the​ tissue on the​ bottom of​ the​ foot.
Plantar fasciitis pain is​ often felt at​ the​ front part of​ the​ heel on the​ bottom of​ the​ foot. This heel pain spreads along the​ bottom of​ the​ foot towards the​ toes. if​ the​ ligaments of​ the​ foot bottom have tightened up overnight due to​ inflammation, putting your weight on your foot to​ walk when getting out of​ bed in​ the​ morning becomes painful. the​ tight foot area is​ stretched as​ you put your weight on your foot, which causes a​ hot kind of​ pain that runs along the​ heel toward the​ toes.
Besides having pain when getting out of​ bed in​ the​ mornings, you may find that the​ pain in​ heel of​ foot condition is​ only a​ problem after being stationary for​ a​ while, or​ late in​ the​ day or​ while doing certain kinds of​ activities.
Here are pain in​ heel of​ foot treatments that help reduce inflammation of​ the​ plantar fascia
• Use Ice Massage fill a​ sports water bottle with water, freeze it​ and​ place it​ on the​ floor. Roll your foot over it​ for​ 20 minutes two times a​ day. Doing this will both help decrease the​ inflammation causing the​ pain in​ heel of​ foot condition while stretching out the​ arch.
• Use a​ Contrast Bath to​ help decrease chronic inflammation, try contrasting treatment between ice and​ heat. Pay attention to​ how the​ pain in​ heel of​ foot condition feels when alternating between ice and​ heat since some people find they do better with ice while others have better results with heat.
• Take Antiinflammatory Medications medications such as​ ibuprofen will help decrease inflammation that occurs in​ the​ fascia. However, dont simply mask the​ pain with a​ medication. if​ you reduce the​ pain with the​ antiinflammatory medication but keep on participating in​ activities which cause tearing and​ inflammation of​ the​ plantar fascia, you are not healing and​ will likely not improve. Continue resting, icing and​ stretching while you take the​ medications.

• Reduce or​ Avoid Activities that Aggravate the​ Condition climbing stairs, walking or​ running on hills, squatting, lifting heavy items and​ walking on uneven terrain all can make the​ pain in​ heel of​ foot condition worse. Limit the​ number of​ times you go up and​ down stairs and​ try to​ avoid hills and​ uneven terrain. if​ you have to​ squat down, keep the​ inflammed foot flat on the​ ground and​ in​ front of​ the​ other. Do not lift heavy items.

Besides reducing pain in​ heel of​ foot inflammation, stretching exercises can be effective in​ helping treat heel pain. Learn as​ much as​ you can about self treatments for​ pain in​ heel of​ foot conditions. Plantar fasciitis pain can be just annoying or​ it​ can become so serious that you cannot walk. Understanding heel pain causes can help you know how to​ find relief. Foot surgery should always be considered the​ very last resort.

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