Package Information Creatively For Fun And Profits

Package Information Creatively For Fun And Profits

Got knowledge? Got an​ enthusiastic target market? Then there's no reason to​ stick to​ books, ebooks, audios and videos to​ convey your expertise. Many more creative options abound, and give you the chance to​ entice an​ unsure buyer to​ make an​ initial purchase as​ well as​ have something appealing for followup sales.

Creative packaging also gives you a​ significantly better shot at​ magazine and web publicity. Years ago, for example, I reformatted the contents of​ an​ audiotape as​ a​ 10-installment seminar on colorful postcards. Entrepreneur Magazine thought it​ was cute, and ran a​ little story about my inventive new product, “The Procrastinator’s Penpal,” with a​ photo and my contact information.

For each creative packaging option, I’ve provided links for resources or​ examples.

1. Reminder Cards

Imagine colorful, well-designed “cheat sheets” that lots of​ people would find it​ useful to​ refer to​ often, and you have a​ product. Years ago I repurposed a​ sidebar from my book Persuading on Paper into a​ proofreading checklist. I printed it​ out on one sheet of​ good quality paper, both sides, laminated it​ and included it​ as​ a​ component of​ an​ information product kit.

Bankers Online sells a​ colorful, postcard-sized reminder card on the telltale signs of​ bogus IDs in​ packs of​ 50 for easy reference by tellers and other bank employees. The more highly designed such items, the less temptation buyers will have to​ snitch your idea and duplicate it​ on their own. You’re best off going with a​ printing company that specializes in​ postcard production for this printing this type of​ card cost-effectively in​ large quantities.

Laminated Reference Guides -
P.L.E.A.S.E. System Reminder Cards -

2. Posters

Posters are as​ popular today as​ they were when you were you were in​ college and for the same reasons – they can decorate a​ wall and convey a​ message better than anything smaller. They can also serve as​ larger-than-life-sized reminder cards. Nearly anything amusing or​ educational can be made into a​ saleable poster.

Special poster printers can create full-color posters for you in​ bulk for resale, while Cafepress and Zazzle are suitable for creating posters in​ ultra-small quantities or​ on demand.

Cafepress -
Zazzle -

3. Puzzles

Just about any kind of​ puzzle you can buy ready-made, you can also commission as​ a​ puzzle containing content that you specify. That includes jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, word-search puzzles, Rubik’s cubes, mazes, word jumbles, cryptograms, etc. Sell thematic puzzles with insider clues or​ content one by one or​ in​ a​ collection.

Crossword Compiler Software -
Custom Jigsaw Puzzles -

4. Stickers

Stickers in​ your product line can be humorous or​ practical. The category includes bumper stickers, stickers intended as​ labels, warning stickers, name tags, promotional messages, indicators of​ credentials or​ affiliations, reward stickers for kids, business reminders and more.

Custom Made Stickers -
Personalized Bumper Stickers -

These ideas just scratch the surface of​ the possibilities! There are at​ least 97 more options for creative product and service formats in​ which you can package and sell what you know.

Package Information Creatively For Fun And Profits

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