Pace Edwards Roll Top Tonneau Cover Review

Pace Edwards Roll Top Tonneau Cover Review

There are a​ lot of​ these particular tonneau cover on the road, saving gas and protecting cargo from the weather and not to​ mention keeping your cargo out of​ sight out of​ mind. it​ is​ classed as​ a​ hard top retractable tonneau cover. it​ seems to​ be a​ pickup truck owner’s favorite.

After unlocking the Pace Edwards Roll-Top tonneau cover it​ retracts automatically enabling you to​ gain access to​ your full truck bed. This cover is​ manufactured to​ give a​ nice smooth flush mount look. The padded polymer looks and feels like leather but lasts longer. The one piece padded polymer is​ laminated to​ heavy gauge aluminum panels. This way you get a​ soft feel but a​ hard tonneau cover. All the aluminum trim is​ smooth and has scratch resistant powder – coat finish. This tonneau cover is​ custom designed to​ fit your particular make, model and year. The design structure will not freeze or​ collapse with snow. Like most retractable tonneau covers, water is​ channeled to​ the canister and out through drain tubes to​ help keep your truck bed dry. it​ retracts automatically and can be closed with one hand from either side of​ the truck bed.

They say this tonneau cover installs in​ less than one hour. in​ my opinion in​ most cases I would say it​ takes a​ little longer. The cover is​ backed by a​ 1 year warranty.

They say that the cover is​ pretty water tight but you may get a​ little water in​ a​ very hard rain storm but installing the gasket kit for the tailgate may help. in​ most cases the tonneau cover kept the truck bed dry. Some may complain that there is​ no pull strap or​ handle just a​ key turn lock at​ the back end. Some also complain about the lock itself. it​ seems it​ may be kind of​ cheap. One good thing though, it​ is​ just a​ standard cabinet lock and easy to​ replace. There does seem to​ be a​ problem getting the lock to​ align. I would suggest two people to​ install this cover as​ it​ may help with alignment issues. it​ seems if​ you live on dusty roads or​ spend a​ lot of​ time on them you may encounter problems with the tracks clogging up.

All in​ all these are minor problems and still most people love their Pace Edwards Roll – Top tonneau cover. I am sure you would enjoy it​ just as​ much.

Pace Edwards Roll Top Tonneau Cover Review

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