Oxford City Guide Including Oxford Hotels

Oxford City Guide Including Oxford Hotels

Oxford, UK is​ a​ holiday destination to​ which the traveler can happily return again and again. One could spend days wandering through Oxford’s myriad cultural treasures which boast some of​ the world’s best exhibits. The winding streets are full of​ restaurants ranging from inexpensive local fish and chips shops to​ world class gourmet dining. Opportunities for recreational pursuits abound; all of​ this in​ a​ city which can easily be traversed on foot.

It should be noted that Oxford is​ a​ haven for the pedestrian. The center city is​ virtually car free. Public transportation is​ highly advised as​ it​ is​ frequent and inexpensive. Visitors who may be used to​ long commutes in​ many holiday towns will find that Oxford has literally dozens of​ interesting locales within blocks of​ one another and each side street holds its own jewels ready for discovery.

Oxford is​ a​ bonanza for the history lover. Museums and storied historical buildings sit on almost every corner. Trip after trip could be made here and there would still be cultural vistas to​ explore.

The Ashmolean Museum of​ Art and Architecture an​ arm of​ University of​ Oxford. Established in​ 1683 it​ is​ one of​ the world’s oldest and finest museums. Admission is​ free although donations are accepted and appreciated.

Sheldonian Theatre. This magnificent structure offers unparalleled views of​ the city. it​ was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and built over a​ four year period from 1664-68. Self guided tours available at​ a​ modest cost.

Bodleian Library. Dating back to​ the fourteenth century and housing more than six million texts, the Bodleian is​ one of​ the premiere libraries in​ the world.

Christ Church. Founded by Cardinal Wolsey in​ 1524, Christ Church is​ the oldest college in​ the Oxford University system and serves as​ Oxford’s Cathedral. The site is​ familiar to​ many tourists via its connection to​ Lewis Carroll and the Alice books and more recently its appearances in​ the Harry Potter movies. Lines can be long but the galleries and gardens are well worth the wait. Admission.

Museum of​ the History of​ Science. This unusual museum is​ devoted to​ the history of​ scientific instruments and its collection of​ almost 10,000 of​ these instruments is​ without peer. Rotating exhibits, many with free admission.
After mornings spent in​ cultural endeavors, a​ tourist will find a​ wide variety of​ activities to​ fill the rest of​ the day. No visitor should leave Oxford without at​ least a​ short water excursion.

Have a​ punt. Located on the Thames River, known as​ the Isis within Oxford proper, Oxford is​ home to​ legendary rowing teams. While rowing is​ a​ sport not learned in​ an​ afternoon, most people can manage a​ punt with a​ short lesson and a​ little effort. Try picking one up at​ the Magdelen Bridge Boathouse.

Picnic on the river. The banks of​ the Isis make for cool and inviting picnic locales and many shops are available for impromptu food purchases to​ fill a​ basket.

Self guided architecture tours. Walking the streets of​ Oxford is​ a​ feast for the eyes. Be sure and find the Bridge of​ Sighs on New College Lane and heads up for the gargoyles which can be found on almost every historic building.

Oxford Covered Market. Don’t miss this walk through center. it​ features stalls full of​ items from tourist kitsch to​ upscale as​ well as​ quick eats and groceries. Be advised that skinned animal carcasses hang from many meat market displays.

Hop a​ sightseeing bus. Although Oxford is​ totally foot travel friendly those who have only a​ short time in​ Oxford might enjoy a​ trek around town on a​ bus. This is​ also a​ good way to​ get an​ overview of​ the abundance of​ things to​ see and do in​ town. Tours are reasonably priced, easy to​ hop and make frequent stops.

Alice’s Shop. The small shop is​ the true inspiration for the shop in​ “Through the Looking Glass” and the real “Alice”, Alice Liddell, was a​ frequent visitor.

A quick stop at​ a​ pub will leave one refreshed for an​ afternoon spent on foot exploring Oxford’s side streets. Pubs can also be a​ fun atmosphere for an​ afternoon or​ evening spent watching football or​ rugby. Multi course gourmet meals of​ almost any cuisine are also readily available at​ fine restaurants throughout Oxford.

Eagle and Child. This pub was for years a​ favorite haunt of​ both C. S. Lewis and Tolkien and remains largely authentic.

The Exeter Hall. a​ lively venue further out than most, Exeter offers pool, two bars and a​ growing reputation for live music.

The Jack Russell. Open to​ both dogs and children this family friendly bar is​ also largely handicapped accessible.

Rosamund the Fair. This cruising restaurant specializing in​ distinctly British cuisine requires advanced booking but offers excellent food and a​ varied wine list.

Head of​ the River. This busy outdoor restaurant is​ a​ favorite of​ students. it​ has heat lamps for cool evenings and a​ few hotel rooms for evenings spent with beer in​ hand.

The Navy Oak. Located north of​ the Ring Road this restaurant may take a​ little effort to​ find but a​ reasonably priced and tasty menu make the hunt worthwhile.

Oxford Hotels & Accommodation
As a​ university town, Oxford offers lodging running the gamut from bed and breakfast to​ the most luxurious of​ accommodations. However, the wise traveler will begin booking early as​ the city is​ busy year round and any sort of​ hotel or​ self catering establishment can be difficult to​ find on short notice.

Westwood Country Hotel Ltd
The Oxford Hotel
Cotswold Lodge Classic Hotel
a​ Lakeside Town Farm B & B
Holiday Inn Oxford
Victoria House Hotel
Express by Holiday Inn Oxford Kassam Stadium
The White Horse
The Bat & Ball Inn

For those seeking a​ little nightlife, Oxford has several lively venues including The Zodiac and Oxford Brookes Student Union. Most name acts visiting Oxford will be found at​ one of​ these sites. if​ the play’s the thing try New Theatre located on George Street or​ the Oxford Playhouse across the way from the Ashmolean. Oxford also has four cinemas with currently popular offerings as​ well as​ foreign and art house fare.

Those who make a​ first visit to​ Oxford may well find that there are drawn there many times over. History, food and pleasant recreation are all to​ be found within easy walking distance. Couple these advantages with hospitable people and climate and Oxford becomes a​ destination of​ choice for almost any holiday.

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