Overview Of Mexican Web Hosting Companies

Web Hosting is​ also called Hospedaje Web in​ Spanish, many companies around the​ world offer web hosting, the​ industry behind hosting has grown in​ a​ big way in​ the​ past years, and​ the​ reason is​ simple: every web page that is​ designed in​ the​ world needs a​ web host,you can imagine now how a​ good business is​ to​ sale web page hosting. There are other companies that offer free web page hosting and​ they obtain utilities by inserting publicity in​ the​ web pages they host.

Most of​ the​ web hosting providers are located in​ USA or​ other countries around the​ world, they give reasonable prices but they offer bad customer support, this is​ because big hosting providers do not have personalized support and​ they use an​ automatic structure of​ business.

Small web hosting providers, in​ the​ other hand, can offer the​ same reasonable prices but a​ much personalized support because they can know who you are and​ how many email accounts you manage, etc. so this give this medium-small companies a​ wide range of​ customers that need better fast response.

Now the​ point of​ this article is​ to​ explain why it​ is​ better to​ buy a​ web hosting plan in​ a​ Mexican Company. So lets move with that, Mexico is​ a​ very fast growing country, they have technology, nature resources, and​ working people like other countries, the​ difference is​ that Mexico have all this but their costs are very low and​ their services are much better, for​ example,
a USA Web Hosting Company needs to​ have a​ good profit to​ survive, a​ Mexican Company needs like 10 times less profit for​ the​ same purpose, so the​ cost of​ any service in​ Mexico is​ 10 time more cheaper that the​ same service in​ USA.

Web hosting is​ not the​ exception and​ Mexican companies have a​ good service, good prices, and​ above all, they have a​ personalized attention and​ support, if​ you have a​ technical problem they can answer the​ phone and​ resolve it​ immediately, because the​ number of​ clients that Mexican hosting providers manage is​ a​ fraction of​ the​ big ones around the​ world.

Attention of​ Mexican People are pure quality compared with the​ cold support that offer other big companies, the​ reason is​ very simple, a​ company that have to​ pay each employee a​ minimum of​ $3000 USD, have to​ reduce the​ number of​ people giving support, and​ that way they reduce costs.

The solution for​ those companies is​ to​ make an​ automated ticket system, so you are never going to​ speak with anybody, you only send a​ ticket and​ later you receive a​ response, this can take days or​ weeks in​ some cases.

Mexican Companies in​ the​ other hand, have more budget for​ employees, because one support employee takes only $400 USD a​ month, this is​ like ten time less comparing with Americans so those companies can have, without a​ problem, 10 times more support team.

If you now are convinced to​ contract a​ Mexican company for​ a​ good hosting, I recommend that you search the​ next keywords for​ best results.

Common terms for​ web hosting in​ Spanish

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Once you have searched, you will find many companies in​ the​ list, you can chose the​ one you find more affordable to​ your needs.

I hope this article has opened your business intelligence to​ a​ new group of​ companies with high quality in​ the​ market and​ above all with excellent prices and​ service. So make your choices, I wish you luck in​ your internet business!

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