Ovarian Cancer Tea And An Ounce Of Prevention

Ovarian Cancer Tea And An Ounce Of Prevention

Dr Christiane Northrup has some interesting insights into the​ emotional and​ energetic issues associated with ovarian cancer. Whilst it​ is​ impossible to​ generalize emotional and​ energetic responses, she highlights the​ issue of​ rage in​ ovarian cancers. She describes the​ ovaries as​ being 'female balls' which means they relate to​ an​ active participation in​ the​ world in​ a​ way that expresses our unique creative potential, as​ women, on an​ individual basis.

She says: "...we as​ women must be open to​ the​ uniqueness of​ our creations and​ their own energies and​ impulses, without trying to​ force them into predetermined forms. Our ability to​ yield to​ our creativity, to​ acknowledge that we cannot control it​ with our intellects, is​ the​ key to​ understanding ovarian power." (p187, Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom)

She relates the​ issue of​ rage as​ deriving from being in​ an​ abusive relationship - not necessarily physically abusive, though of​ course this could be the​ case. and​ it​ may not necessarily be a​ personal or​ intimate relationship. it​ could be with work, societal, or​ even spiritual. But it​ embodies a​ way of​ relating and​ dealing with something or​ someone, where the​ woman involved feels controlled by the​ situation and​ does not believe in​ her ability to​ change it, or​ herself. it​ is​ a​ denial of​ her innate power and​ self-sovereignty. a​ denial of​ a​ woman's innate dignity, creativity, spirituality, and​ complexity.

Interestingly, Dr Northrup notes that ovarian cancer is​ linked to​ a​ diet high in​ fat and​ dairy food. Dairy products in​ Oriental medicine, are associated with the​ liver meridian. Meridians are energy conduits, and​ though they have a​ specific anatomy, they are not equated necessarily with the​ organs of​ the​ same name, as​ understood in​ conventional western medicine. the​ emotion associated with a​ liver meridian that is​ out of​ balance, is​ rage and​ anger.

Oriental medicine believes that diseases start in​ our energetic body first, and​ then progress to​ the​ physical body. and​ certainly not all women who have a​ high fat and​ high dairy diet develop ovarian cancer. Dr Northrup suggests that women take care of​ their ovaries and​ uterus by reclaiming and​ expressing whatever this deep creative energy is​ for​ them. She suggests taking the​ time to​ do this daily.

A recent scientific study has also found that drinking two cups or​ more of​ tea a​ day can reduce the​ risk of​ ovarian cancer by 46%. This study was done in​ Sweden over a​ 15 year period. Sweden is​ a​ country where there is​ a​ higher risk of​ ovarian cancer, as​ are other countries with a​ high dairy consumption (Denmark and​ Switzerland).

Dr Christiane Northrup, Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom (Piatkus, 1995)

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