Ovarian Cancer Cure

Ovarian Cancer Cure

This article is​ time-tested steps to​ surviving cancer which is​ one of​ the​ life-threatening crisis. Each of​ us is​ responsible for​ his own physical, spiritual and​ mental well-being. it​ is​ YOU and​ your body's immune system that heals you of​ your sickness ovarian cancer. the​ body is​ restored to​ health by stimulating the​ immune system through diet, exercise, visualization, relaxation techniques and​ goal setting.

I Survived! So Can You! answers these important questions:
* Why is​ accepting personal responsibility for​ healing important?
* How can you unlock the​ healing powers of​ your own mind?
* What are the​ healing dynamics of​ networking?
* How does visualization aid in​ overcoming cancer?
* Can taking food supplements increase your chances of​ survival?
* What is​ the​ relationship between goal setting and​ surviving cancer?
* What can be done to​ overcome the​ link between stress and​ cancer?
* Why does relaxation training alleviate pain caused by cancer?

One day, I heard the​ doctor say that a​ biopsy had confirmed my worst fears: I had ovarian cancer! He told me that if​ nothing was done, my chances for​ survival were minimal and​ I was in​ the​ last stage of​ cancer. When I heard this I was really upset and​ with that I was invited with the​ new disease depression which killed me ultimately. at​ the​ most, I had three months to​ live which was the​ dead line given by my doctor. So began my fight to​ survive against cancer.

“I Survived! So Can You.” I wanted to​ have a​ motivational tool to​ inspire cancer survivors to​ accept responsibility for​ their own physical, spiritual and​ mental well-being. it​ was my hope that cancer would lead the​ body’s immune system which is​ a​ significant factor in​ cancer prevention. the​ body is​ restored to​ health by stimulating and​ strengthening the​ immune system through diet, exercise, visualization, stress reduction and​ goal setting.

In the​ years following my cancer surgery, I had multiple problems. Oncogenes are genes located on chromosomes, which are the​ conveyors of​ hereditary information. These oncogenes encode for​ proteins, which regulate growth, differentiation, and​ development of​ cancers. Some oncogenes may predispose a​ person to​ developing cancer. Environmental agents such as​ radiation, chemical carcinogens, etc. may activate certain oncogenes.

I believe in​ the​ power of​ prayer and​ that God still performs miracles. But I also believe that when a​ part of​ my body must be radically removed to​ cut out cancer or​ to​ prevent future cancer, I should use my God-given brain to​ approve the​ procedure. Besides, why can’t a​ miracle come disguised as​ natural dietary supplements given by the​ Dr.Rao, which has worked marvelously for​ me from the​ treatment.

I wish I could tell you that my long battle with cancer ends here. Now I am working in​ office, go alone traveling, happy to​ find myself fighting against and​ surviving with ovarian cancer.

I thank the​ Lord that the​ natural supplements had worked successfully and​ that the​ cancer had not invaded other areas. My recovery from that surgery wasn’t without complications.

Along with diet, exercise could be a​ top resistance factor in​ warding off cancer cells. Exercise helps the​ lymphatic system operate efficiently. All cellular activity gives off waste products, including dead blood cells, pathogens and​ cancer cells. a​ healthy lymphatic system is​ essential for​ pulling out waste and​ poisons.

The human body is​ composed of​ 60 billion cells, and​ during the​ time it​ takes you read this update, more than five hundred million of​ them will have died and​ been replaced. Our optimal health depends on constantly feeding those cells with proper nutrients. an​ essential part of​ cancer survival is​ keeping the​ body healthy enough for​ its immune system to​ eliminate abnormal cellular growth as​ it​ appears.

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