Outsourcing Search Engine Optimization SEO Work To Low Wage Countries

Outsourcing Search Engine Optimization SEO Work To Low Wage Countries

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or​ SEO is​ the​ process whereby websites undergo redevelopment to​ attain the​ proper and best communication of​ keywords to​ search engines. There are essentially two factors that would determine a​ website’s rank in​ search engines – unique content with pertinent keywords in​ the​ body and link popularity. Other important considerations are the​ architecture of​ the​ site,​ visibility of​ content,​ underlying codes and how natural the​ site appears to​ search engines.

SEO is​ basically Internet marketing. Companies engaged in​ search engine optimization are dedicated to​ increase the​ Internet traffic and position of​ their client’s website. They use publicity and varied marketing strategies to​ attain this objective.

Strategies employed in​ SEO have the​ capacity to​ increase both the​ quantity and quality of​ visitors. the​ end result that is​ hoped for by any marketing strategy is​ to​ have the​ customer complete an​ action desired by the​ site owner such as​ signing up or​ purchasing a​ product. Methods used are generally categorized either as​ White Hat SEO or​ Black Hat SEO.

White Hat SEO uses methods approved by search engines with regards to​ its acceptability. it​ is​ concentrated on​ creating content for the​ user and making it​ more easily accessible. Most webmasters make critical mistakes in​ designing or​ setting up websites that inadvertently work against the​ website itself.

The discovery and correction of​ these mistakes including machine-unreadable menus,​ broken links,​ temporary redirects and poor navigation structure is​ the​ primary job of​ White Hat SEO. Some methods that are considered proper by search engines are the​ use of​ unique and relevant title to​ name each page; web page editing to​ replace vague words with specific terminologies that has relevance to​ the​ subject; the​ increase of​ unique content and participation in​ a​ web ring with other quality websites,​ among others. in​ essence,​ White Hat SEO aims to​ fulfill its objective through quality.

Black Hat SEO uses methods to​ improve rankings which are not approved by search engines. Generally,​ this includes methods that are deceptive and unrelated to​ providing quality content to​ site visitors. the​ two most common Black Hat SEO methods are spamdexing and cloaking.

Spamdexing is​ the​ promotion of​ irrelevant pages through deceptive techniques and the​ abuse of​ search algorithms. it​ involves getting websites more exposure than they actually deserve for the​ use of​ targeted keywords leading to​ unsatisfactory search results. Cloaking is​ the​ practice of​ serving one version of​ a​ page to​ search engine spiders and another version to​ human visitors. These methods when found out,​ are usually penalized by reducing their website rankings or​ eliminating their listings all together.

The Job of​ an​ SEO Service Provider

The technical staff of​ an​ SEO service provider begins by checking the​ current status of​ the​ website to​ see if​ the​ optimization process will not encounter any problems of​ function. the​ optimizer in​ the​ said staff will then use manual searches and custom research software to​ gather data and create a​ list of​ the​ most highly trafficked and targeted words in​ its specific industry. the​ selection of​ the​ final keywords is​ done in​ consultation with the​ client.

Once a​ list of​ keywords has been generated,​ the​ list is​ given to​ the​ content writers who shall take charge of​ creating unique contents as​ required. the​ writers ensure that the​ copy utilizes the​ keywords according to​ the​ right densities and marketing style of​ the​ specific site. Consultation as​ to​ the​ content is​ done before the​ work is​ started so as​ not to​ compromise the​ essence of​ the​ website.

Copy writers work with optimization engineers to​ integrate the​ content with the​ website. Technicians will be working to​ redevelop the​ site for optimal communication of​ keywords to​ search engines. All aspects of​ the​ website will be modified to​ best meet the​ search engine algorithm. Link development shall also be undertaken being an​ integral part of​ the​ SEO services.

Upon the​ completion of​ the​ optimization process,​ the​ website shall be submitted to​ all major search engines and directories such as​ Yahoo! and Google. Directories which are fee-based can also be added to​ the​ submissions to​ increase link popularity. in​ case a​ website has indexing issues,​ SEO service providers shall create and submit site maps for the​ search engines’ programs. the​ ranking report of​ the​ website shall be done before the​ optimization process and every 30 days after optimization is​ completed. This helps the​ client company to​ check the​ progress of​ the​ website.

SEO Service Providers in​ Low Wage Countries

Choosing a​ search engine optimization firm need not be very difficult if​ a​ company starts by requesting for proposals that focuses on​ its own specific needs. the​ success of​ any SEO project will need a​ comprehensive and customized approach based on​ a​ site’s unique characteristics. There must be a​ balance between the​ website’s design and functionality,​ the​ searching behavior of​ target audiences and the​ algorithms used by search engines. a​ templated proposal may not be able to​ touch on​ all aspects of​ the​ website to​ make it​ search engine friendly.

SEO service providers have their own different packages,​ services and strategies. There are bound to​ be questions regarding paid-in inclusion programs,​ marketing principles and ownership of​ content. These issues need to​ be resolved before entering into any final agreement.

Most offshore SEO service providers of​ developing countries are working with SEO companies of​ progressive countries such as​ the​ USA and those in​ Europe and also in​ the​ Asian regions to​ deliver satisfactory results in​ quick time. Internet marketing,​ organic search engine optimization,​ web design,​ web application and development have become their strong points. Most exhibit the​ willingness to​ understand,​ appreciate and anticipate the​ needs of​ a​ website’s end user.

To concretize the​ benefits of​ outsourcing to​ low wage countries,​ India’s case may be cited. to​ start with,​ India has a​ reliable satellite and submarine communication links that facilitate good broadband connectivity with the​ rest of​ the​ world. it​ exports software to​ more than 95 countries and its quality standards meet worldwide approval. the​ country has a​ large pool of​ computer literate and English speaking professionals with well recognized information technology skills. the​ most striking advantage is​ getting this standard of​ professionalism for lower personnel costs compared to​ getting the​ same services from SEO providers in​ developed countries. While other SEO providers from developing countries such as​ Venezuela,​ Bulgaria and Brazil have not yet reached the​ same status as​ India,​ each has exhibited its own respective strengths that make them promising venues for outsourcing.

After all has been said,​ search engine optimization boils down to​ the​ most basic factor – real content. an​ SEO provider that understands the​ objectives of​ the​ site owner is​ the​ one that will be the​ perfect partner. the​ size of​ a​ site is​ secondary to​ the​ right choice of​ an​ SEO company who shares the​ same vision and is​ well within the​ company’s budget. They say quality comes with a​ price. For quality offshore outsourcing,​ low wage countries provide quality at​ a​ lower price.

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