Outsource SEO Vs In House SEO

SEO is​ becoming increasingly important to​ all who look to​ do business and use the​ Internet as​ a​ marketing tool. it​ is​ the​ path in​ which your market finds your offering. it​ has become almost a​ necessity for businesses to​ incorporate SEO in​ to​ their marketing plan. Many companies struggle with the​ decision on​ whether to​ hire a​ firm or​ conduct their SEO in-house. Unfortunately many companies lack the​ knowledge about SEO and assume it​ will be cheaper for them in​ the​ long run to​ hire someone "in-house". For some companies this may be efficient while others the​ overlooking the​ hiring of​ a​ professional firm to​ SEO can be costly. it​ is​ as​ critical to​ your business’ health as​ if​ you​ were to​ feel that you​ could heal a​ fatal disease yourself because you​ have access to​ the​ Internet and books instead of​ going to​ a​ highly trained physician. Now you​ laugh and say that would be absurd,​ but is​ the​ growth of​ your company worth the​ risk.

Knowledge Versus Cost Versus Time = Your Success

SEO is​ an​ ever changing business. Search engines change their algorithm frequently and new rules are put into place. One has to​ have the​ resources to​ find this information and understand how to​ implement the​ changes. an​ SEO firm is​ more likely to​ be aware of​ changes to​ search engine optimization protocols than an​ in-house individual. Many in-house individual will focus on​ developing and implementing your SEO strategies but typically remain in​ the​ dark about what goes on​ outside your organization due to​ they do not work with other scenarios. Outsourced SEO professionals must perform these same functions while constantly studying the​ industry,​ staying current with changing trends and familiarizing themselves with the​ latest SEO techniques. it​ is​ a​ part of​ their day to​ day business and necessary if​ they intend to​ compete in​ the​ marketplace and wish to​ survive.

What about cost? Surely the​ cost of​ hiring an​ individual is​ substantially less than the​ cost of​ hiring a​ company,​ right? This is​ a​ common misconception. Let’s look at​ it​ this way. you​ hire an​ E-Commerce Marketing Manager whose job is​ to​ develop and implements the​ strategic online marketing plan for an​ organization. Staying abreast of​ changes in​ the​ online marketing environment to​ best serve the​ objectives of​ the​ organization and adjusts plans accordingly. They may even be responsible for overseeing other aspects of​ the​ website such as​ the​ advertising and content components. in​ most cases the​ individual will be wearing many hats spreading them thin. His or​ her base salary according to​ Salary.com on​ average would be $85,​703. That is​ $7141.92 a​ month and roughly $42 an​ hour. This is​ for one individual with hopes that they bear positive results. Let’s say they do not. it​ will take 3 to​ 6 months to​ start to​ truly see if​ the​ individual is​ an​ asset or​ not. That is​ $21,​425.76 if​ you​ decide to​ let the​ individual go in​ just the​ third month. Not to​ include cost of​ taxes and benefits. And if​ successful,​ your company just paid $85,​703 per year for SEO.

The average SEO firm charges anywhere from $5500 to​ $35000 to​ perform the​ same task with a​ staff of​ highly trained professionals in​ the​ area of​ link building,​ writing,​ optimizing,​ web development etc. Even on​ the​ high end you​ are getting a​ staff for the​ entire year for around what it​ cost you​ to​ hire an​ individual in-house for a​ quarter. And if​ it​ does not bear positive results and you​ decide to​ terminate the​ relationship you​ will only have lost less than $10,​000 if​ prorated based on​ the​ $35000. in​ most cases you​ can even get some of​ that back. This logistically saves you​ time and money.

Would you​ agree that having one individual do the​ job of​ five is​ rarely a​ good idea? Would you​ feel it​ cost effective?

Time is​ another concern with in-house SEO. Will one individual be able to​ optimize multiple pages,​ write content,​ tags,​ build links,​ run reports and perform other SEO tasks in​ a​ timely fashion? One person can only do so much. Would you​ agree that time is​ money? Most SEO firms can do in​ a​ matter of​ days what might take an​ individual weeks to​ do. Many companies who use in-house SEO personnel spend more than necessary to​ get the​ same amount of​ work done in​ a​ longer amount of​ time. Once again you​ have one individual doing many task versus many individuals doing one task effectively.

In any case,​ is​ outsourcing the​ right move for you​ or​ your company? Whether you​ choose to​ outsource or​ not,​ here are a​ few things to​ keep in​ mind:

Do your research by performing a​ simple cost/benefit analysis on​ what outsourcing versus in-house SEO will cost. it​ cost twice as​ much when you​ do it​ wrong the​ first time.

Results are all that matters. Top rankings for phrases no one is​ searching for means little,​ and shouldn't be used as​ a​ guage of​ someone's abilities. Ensure they can provide you​ with keywords that work for your business as​ well as​ a​ diverse plan of​ action.

What do others say about the​ company or​ individual? Ask for references and check them. But even if​ they have limited or​ no reference don’t panic. They still may know what they are doing. Just test them on​ a​ small project and see if​ they bear results for you. This is​ a​ true way to​ measure if​ they work for you. There are many variables you​ may not have privilege to​ in​ a​ reference such as​ their personal relationship or​ if​ they were a​ part of​ a​ team that was successful but they contributed little.

Remember,​ SEO is​ important to​ your business growth and time is​ money one way or​ another. Do the​ math and ask yourself what makes sense for you.

About the​ Author
Jeffery Beale,​ Jazar Dezign

Jeff Beale is​ a​ marketing specialist that has worked with planning and implementing marketing strategies for several businesses ranging from independently owner organizations to​ government and corporate entities. He is​ known for saving thousands in​ marketing budgets and increasing growth with the​ utilization of​ a​ diverse online marketing strategy.

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