Outside Pressures On The Typical Insurance Adjuster

Outside Pressures On The Typical Insurance Adjuster

Outside Pressures on​ the​ Typical Insurance Adjuster
The first of​ these is​ your State Department Of Insurance .​
Every state has a​ Department,​ or​ Commissioner,​ or​ Bureau of​ Insurance that overseas the​ antics of​ all Insurance Claims Adjusters and their superiors in​ that particular state .​
Each has a​ Consumer Complaint Division .​
If the​ adjuster you’ve been dealing with has refused to​ make any offer at​ all,​ has engaged in​ what you​ consider to​ be unethical conduct,​ or​ has made what you​ believe to​ be a​ ridiculously low offer,​ you​ have cause for a​ complaint.
The mere mention of​ a​ complaint to​ the​ State Department of​ Insurance may bring the​ adjuster around to​ making a​ better offer .​
Adjusters would rather not have to​ deal with a​ complaint and they positively don’t want copies of​ them ending up in​ their personnel file !
Your complaint to​ the​ State Insurance Department will accomplish several things .​
First,​ his boss will now become aware that there’s a​ claimant who intends to​ do whatever it​ takes to​ obtain some positive settlement dollars .​
That will often inspire that person to​ take a​ closer look at​ your case and come up with a​ better offer .​
Also,​ if​ indeed you​ write to​ the​ Consumer Complaints Division,​ it​ will evolve into what’s always a​ costly effort because a​ complaint with the​ State Insurance Department will add an​ additionallayer of​ work,​ supervised by an​ extra contingent of​ personnel .​
When it’s realized this will likely come to​ pass they’ll try harder to​ get rid of​ you​ and settle your claim.
The vast majority of​ insurance adjusters dream of​ one day being promoted to​ a​ higher position within the​ company they work for .​
They're acutely aware of​ the​ fact if​ their personnel file has correspondence flowing into it​ from claimants they've handled(plus copies of​ the​ letters which have been sent to​ the​ insurance commissioner) and those will,​ somewhere down the​ line,​ be read by one of​ his companies executives .​
In many instances this will be a​ man who doesn’t want a​ Problem claims employee spluttering,​ splashing and crashing about his office area causing headaches and extra work within the​ framework of​ that particular executive’s command .​
The adjuster is​ fully aware that such complaints will keep him,​ out on​ the​ road forever,​and will surely prevent him from moving up the​ corporate ladder.
When it​ comes to​ the​ reality of​ the​ way things work in​ the​ actual,​ daily,​ experience of​ personal injury claim negotiations and settlement,​ is​ often vastly different from the​ stipulations found in​ the​ Formal law .​
That is,​ legal theory,​ as​ it’s written and allegedly supposed to​ work .​
What this means,​ simply stated,​ is: Adjusters can settle a​ case,​ whether their decision to​ do so is​ based on​ the​ Law,​ or​ not.
In the​ real world of​ Personal Injury settlements a​ Compromise (one which often has little and often nothing to​ do with the​ Law) is​ the​ order of​ the​ day .​
It’s commonly accepted among those is​ the​ business (because that’s what makes their work life so much easier) that in​ any given case there’s almost always a​ likelihood of​ negligence on​ both sides,​ rather than just one .​
What this boils down to​ in​ practical terms,​ is​ this: Irregardless of​ the​ law practically no claim is​ without merit or​ totally lacking in​ value - - especially if​ the​ Value is​ simply to​ get rid of​ it .​
QUESTION: How does Dan Baldyga know this to​ be true? ANSWER: Because he was an​ Insurance Adjuster,​ Supervisor,​ Manager and then Trial Assistant for over 30 years .​
He's been there,​ and observed that.
Although it’s never expressed to​ him officially every adjuster quickly learns,​ should your case go to​ trail,​ compromise will usually be the​ order of​ the​ day,​ even in​ cases of​ questionable liability .​
This fact alone gives him plenty of​ room to​ make a​ compromise settlement before your case ends up in​ his Defense Attorney’s hands where such a​ move will usually take place anyways! Why will this come to​ pass? Because the​ costs of​ preparing for(and then proceeding into)a courtroom battle will skyrocket.
Being aware of​ this is​ always bubbling and boiling in​ the​ gray matter between every adjusters ears .​
If there’s any question whatsoever (regarding who was at​ fault in​ the​ accident you​ were involved in) don’t ever give up .​
Keep pounding away! When faced with a​ determined claimant who’s willing to​ wait and haggle and refuses to​ go away,​ the​ chances are the​ adjuster will eventually make an​ offer.
This comes to​ pass because the​ adjuster(especially if​ your claim has some value) doesn’t want it​ to​ end up as​ a​ complaint at​ the​ State Department Of Insurance .​
Plus he knows you’ll be made,​ a​ settlement offer,​ somewhere down the​ line,​ anyway! So,​ better he settle it​ now,​ before the​ cost of​ defending it​ gets blown out of​ proportion,​ later.
In order to​ continue to​ look good (especially to​ those who watch their progress and the​ way they handle the​ outside pressure’s that haunt every one of​ them)insurance adjusters - - who want to​ climb their corporate ladder to​ success - - must be very cagey individuals who must work hard to​ please those they work for .​
For you​ to​ understand this will most assuredly be to​ your financial advantage.

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