Outdoor Sporting Activities In Cyprus

Outdoor Sporting Activities In Cyprus

The diverse topography of​ Cyprus combined with glorious sunshine all year round creates a​ vast range of​ outdoor sporting activities to​ choose from. Being an​ island, water sports, including wind surfing, sailing, diving, canoing and​ fishing, are prime attractions. the​ rambling mountainside along with vast open areas provides opportunities galore for​ a​ variety of​ outdoor sports including mountain biking, horse riding and​ golfing.

Mountain Biking in​ Cyprus

Greece offers amateur as​ well as​ professional cyclists plenty of​ tarmac and​ gravel mountain- cycling routes that lead you into the​ herb and​ pine-scented Cyprus forests. Getting to​ the​ top of​ the​ mountains is​ a​ delightful journey in​ itself. Making it​ all the​ more pleasurable is​ the​ breathtaking view of​ the​ sparkling blue sea once you reach the​ top.

Sport Fishing in​ Cyprus

With a​ long tradition in​ fishing, Cyprus offers fishing enthusiasts an​ outstanding choice of​ fresh-water as​ well as​ salt-water fishing. 23 dams nestled amidst incredibly pristine surroundings offer you plenty of​ fresh water fishing opportunities where you can look forward to​ reeling in​ about 17 different species of​ fish including the​ Rainbow Trout, Tilapia, Tench, Largemouth Bass and​ Silver Bream. if​ salt-water fishing is​ more your thing, the​ surrounding Mediterranean Sea, with more than 80 different species of​ salt-water fish offers endless opportunities. Even better, you do not need a​ license for​ angling or​ trawling in​ the​ sea of​ if​ you are spear-fishing with no diving equipment. However licenses are required and​ certain restrictions apply for​ fishing with long-lines or​ nets and​ for​ spear-fishing with aqualungs.

Golfing in​ Cyprus

Crisp clean air, spectacular surroundings, brilliant sun shine and​ three lush golf courses; Cyprus offers you fantastic year-round golfing prospects.

Cyprus Marathon

Participate in​ the​ Cyprus Marathon for​ the​ ultimate in​ outdoor sporting action. Usually held around February or​ March every year, the​ 10 km Pafos Marathon attracts more than 500 participants from over 20 different countries.

Outdoor Sporting Activities In Cyprus

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