Outdoor Security Cameras Keeping Reality Tv Larger Than Life

Outdoor Security Cameras Keeping Reality Tv Larger Than Life

Outdoor Security Cameras: Keeping Reality TV Larger Than Life
Big Brother and​ Cheaters have one thing in​ common: an​ abundance of​ people who gossip and​ connive against each other .​
The two shows have another similarity, too: the​ presence of​ an​ army of​ cameras.
Reality TV has a​ glut not only of​ eager participants, but also outdoor security cameras that monitor these participants' interaction with one another .​
In fact, in​ a​ reality TV set, it​ is​ not uncommon for​ there to​ be as​ many as​ ten outdoor security cameras .​
What goes on outside enclosed spaces is​ just as​ interesting as​ the​ goings-on from within, after all.
What Are the​ Functions of​ Cameras in​ Reality Shows?
Reality shows focus on human activity and​ interaction – from the​ mundane to​ the​ unusual .​
For each reality show episode, it​ is​ not uncommon for​ hundreds of​ hours of​ film to​ be shot .​
That’s right—hundreds of​ hours! To ensure that the​ juicier parts of​ these activities and​ interactions are captured, cameras are placed in​ strategically located places .​
Inside Big Brother's house, it's not very easy to​ hide these electronic eyes .​
Outdoors, however, outdoor security cameras can be quickly camouflaged to​ lull people into a​ sense of​ complacency .​
People are at​ their most honest when they are at​ their most unguarded.
Are Outdoor Security Cameras as​ Useful as​ Indoor Surveillance Cameras?
In reality shows, indoor and​ outdoor cameras have equal importance .​
Again, what goes on inside the​ house is​ just as​ telling as​ what goes on out of​ it .​
In Cheaters, for​ example, many a​ husband or​ wife has been caught in​ flagrante delicto with a​ lover inside the​ master's bedroom .​
Outdoor security cameras are as​ effective as​ indoor cameras .​
Guilty parties have been captured by outdoor security cameras riding boats, having picnics, and​ even using a​ car for​ more than driving!
What is​ an​ Outdoor Security Camera?
Outdoor security cameras are one type of​ surveillance camera .​
They are used for​ a​ variety of​ everyday purposes, such as​ securing banks and​ homes .​
There are several reasons outdoor security cameras are ideal for​ filming reality shows:
- the​ lens is​ protected from rain and​ snow .​
This ensures that the​ lens remain clear and​ dry.
- Outdoor security cameras can work even in​ complete darkness .​
This feature is​ particularly useful for​ shows such as​ Cheaters, where there is​ a​ need to​ catch those who believe that night time is​ the​ right time.
- Outdoor security cameras do not produce any noise or​ flash .​
This helps the​ camera remain hidden.
- Outdoor security cameras do not require wires or​ film .​
This makes the​ filming of​ reality shows lighter on corporate pockets.
- Outdoor security cameras don't need to​ be focused, and​ they have no complex settings .​
This makes it​ the​ perfect device for​ upholding the​ rule of​ KISS (Keep it​ simple, stupid).
- Outdoor security cameras contain a​ time and​ date setting .​
Therefore, it's easier to​ organize the​ miles of​ footage shot for​ each reality show episode.
Reality shows hold audiences spellbound because they depict what people do in​ real-life situations .​
They provide us with mirrors we can use to​ look at​ ourselves .​
Some say reality TV has peaked and​ will soon lose its popularity .​
Whether or​ not reality TV continues its iron grip on primetime ratings, one thing is​ certain: as​ long as​ there are reality shows, there will be outdoor security cameras.

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