Outdoor Playground Equipment

Children’s playgrounds have come a​ long way from just swing sets and​ monkey bars. Modern playgrounds feature things like rock climbing walls, wave slides, crawl tunnels, not to​ mention steering wheels and​ telescopes. Playground creators have thought of​ everything to​ entertain and​ satisfy a​ child’s curiosity.

One of​ the​ greatest things of​ playgrounds is​ the​ developmental benefits they offer children. Playgrounds allow children to​ play freely, which helps mental and​ emotional development. When children are allowed free play in​ a​ structured environment like a​ playground, they are able to​ use their imagination and​ be spontaneous, which is​ an​ essential tool for​ developing a​ strong sense of​ well being.

Parents and​ adults can feel comfortable about the​ safety of​ playground sets. Commercial playground sets must pass a​ test of​ industry standards in​ order to​ be put on the​ market. Once often a​ hot topic, the​ safety of​ playgrounds is​ not so much an​ issue these days. Playgrounds sold now use minimal steel work in​ place of​ soft plastic, rubber, and​ nylon ropes. Plastic posts and​ decking keep the​ playground from rotting or​ splintering. These types of​ playground sets last considerably longer and​ require less maintenance than older steel structure models.

Here are some things to​ consider when buying playground equipment. First, how many children will be using the​ playground. Playgrounds vary greatly in​ size and​ number of​ components. How old will the​ children be who are using the​ playground? You may have to​ ensure that your playground is​ in​ compliance with the​ guidelines of​ ADA accessibility. Also important to​ keep in​ mind is​ where you are going to​ put the​ playground. Measure off an​ area and​ make sure the​ ground is​ level.

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