Outdoor Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands have long been loved for extra cooking and storage space in​ the kitchen. Now they are available for outdoor cooking and entertaining. an​ island outside is​ very functional for cooking and eating outdoors in​ nice weather. it​ also eliminates the need for running in​ and out of​ the house when cooking in​ the yard.

Planning Outdoor Kitchen Islands

A summer kitchen is​ a​ big investment. You want to​ spend as​ much time planning for it​ as​ you would for an​ island in​ the kitchen. Consider how it​ will be used and how much use it​ will get. Consider the climate where you live. Will it​ be used only in​ the summer? in​ some warm climates, an​ outdoor island may get year round use.

Once you have decided on how the island will be used, take a​ look at​ a​ variety of​ islands. Pool and patio stores are a​ great source of​ information. Many have a​ variety on display and have brochures with others. See what’s available and set a​ budget for how much you are willing to​ spend.

Most have a​ cooking grill that is​ as​ good as​ an​ indoor range for cooking foods. They are high quality cook tops. The sizes of​ the grilling area vary. Larger sizes are good when you are cooking for a​ crowd. Side burners are great for preparing vegetables at​ the same time as​ grilling the meats. Multiple zones are great for cooking more than one food. This allows you to​ use different temperatures for each food.

Grilling Kitchen Island Choices

Grilling islands are available in​ custom or​ pre fabricated models. Permanent custom built grilling islands are masonry islands. They are generally made of​ stone or​ brick and are a​ permanent fixture in​ the yard. They are also very expensive.

The nice thing about custom islands is​ they can be made to​ match your home or​ pool areas. The tiles can match your pool on counter areas. These increase the value of​ your home. They are a​ good choice if​ you plan to​ use the island frequently and want something that will last for years.

Pre fabricated islands are manufactured in​ a​ factory and delivered to​ your home. You provide the measurements of​ the cooking surface to​ be used. Sizes range from a​ five to​ six foot rectangular shape and L shaped islands. Round table ends are also available to​ provide additional space for eating.

There are a​ variety of​ finishes, styles and designs available in​ outdoor kitchens. There are nearly as​ many options as​ indoor islands. Durable granite islands or​ tiled countertops provide function and style. as​ with custom islands, you can match the tile to​ your pool and the island to​ the style of​ your home. Multiple levels are available for separate cooking and eating areas.

Summer kitchens also provide storage space in​ cabinets and drawers. This gives you a​ place to​ keep cooking utensils and outdoor eating supplies. Storage space makes entertaining easier without having to​ carry everything outside every time you want to​ cook.

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